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Mxicoders profile in upwork

An IT Entrepreneur who believe in internet business ideas leads to success & maintain success forever if properly planning , research and execution for 100% automation and life time updates / upgrades 17 years of IT Experienced encouraged us to help our clients for proper guidelines  and free technical consultancy to get better shape and… Read More

WordPress Mobile App Development

WordPress as Mobile CMS Internet and smartphone have global impact and has been caused for fast changing era. World has been borderless by digital way, especially for business it matters lot. Smartphone app is direct way to reach to the customers. If you don’t have an app for your business you will miss huge opportunities.… Read More

Native vs. Hybrid Mobile Application

Native vs Hybrid Mobile Application Native Mobile Application : Native application is icon in device and live on the smartphone where it access through “icons” on the device of home screen. Native application is installed from Google Play store or Apple’s app store which is developed only for specifically one platform and take full advantage… Read More

IoT Solution Providers

IoT(Internet of Things) is a physical device for inter-networking where smartphones connect to other devices by wireless connection. In short, we can say that IoT is a collaborate with embedded System which is embedded with software sensors,network connectivity and also with electronics that is make enable mentioned objects to collect information and shared data. To… Read More

Free School Management System

Introduction : Before enrolling kids to school, parents would like to search about reputation of school. School Management System play vital role for parents to show activity of kids and about his/her teachers. Mxicoders have developed Free School Management System in which most of the module has been covered keeping in consideration of parents.Web School… Read More

Online Appointment System


Online appointment is a link to work with various hospitals across the country where patients can able to take appointment of doctor as per his disease. Mxicoders provide you smart appointment booking system that provide users or any patients an easy way of booking a doctor’s appointment online also website with google analytic. Why online… Read More

OpenCart Service

MXI Coders- offers state-of-the-art openCart development services OpenCart is one of the best developing platforms and a Great Cart for e-commerce website development. It is based upon PHP & MySQL database management system. Many versions have been released of this platform to give users a sophisticated experience. As far as its framework is concerned, OpenCart… Read More

OpenCart Mobile Application

Go for OpenCart mobile application development with MXI Coders!!! Well, OpenCart is an open source shopping cart solution with amazing features and user-friendly approach. Being a robust e-commerce solution, it allows online merchants to create websites and participate in the e-commerce at reduced cost. Whether it’s shipping module, payment gateways to language modifiers, OpenCart e-commerce… Read More