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Call Note Android Mobile App


Funfunda Caller Note: Mobile phone has been one of the best medium of communication nowadays. It has multiple usages apart from verbal communication today. The world of communication has greatly influenced since the origin of information technology. It has literally created evolution in the form of Smartphone apps. Numbers of smart phone apps are available… Read More

“Bit Coin” the digital currency in e-wallet.

Have your currency in digital form, create your own world and get freedom from financial firm/institutes or banking system. Marketplace for BitCoin World is moving so fast nowadays, this is due to continuous invention and innovation. Technology has created the massive revolution in this era. From Missile to Mobile and computer to currency it is… Read More

How Does OpenCart Development Work?

Opencart Development

A latest trend of the technology, Open cart is a sequence of coding procedures to create an online store chain such that e- commerce flourishes by shrinking the distances in the global markets. Based on PHP, it is an e-commerce software service which helps in small and medium sized businesses. Some of the basic benefits… Read More

10 Best Free OpenCart Extensions

Free Opencart Extensions

A leading e-commerce platform, Open Cart is very useful in generating online sales. The additional benefit of using an Open Cart is that it is highly customizable and has the facility to connect with almost 3000 free and premium extensions. These extensions add to the ease of services that are already provided by Open Cart.… Read More

WordPress Update 4.0.1 and Its Installation Process

WordPress is an application tool used in blogging and content management. It is free and open source based on PHP and MySQL using a template processor. WordPress was initially developed 11 years ago by WordPress Foundation in the month of May. On November 20 2014, a WordPress Update 4.0.1 was released and made active from… Read More

WordPress 4.0 Released with a Number of New Features

wordpress logo 680x400

Is there anything common between sites like Best Buy, TechCrunch, Flickr and eBay? Yes of course; each of these sites uses WordPress. Initially, WordPress was developed for serving as a platform for blogging; however, 11 years have passed since its launch and it has kept on evolving during this time. At this point of time,… Read More