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Open Source Development

Open Source Development

"Highly experience in Theming and customizing various open-sources including Magento , Drupal , Wordpress , Joomla , OpenCart, SugarCRM , vTiger , Volusion , Xcart , ZenCart , phpBB, Vbulletine , Plugin , Modules and more……!"

If there is a company that has helped open source development to reach new heights and become more useful to users it's MXICoders. We are experts in new product engineering and developing mobility solutions and web applications using the most comprehensive and advanced open source technologies. If you decide to work with us, you will automatically be entitled to enjoy the flexibility and power of the best breed of open source solutions available today. We work using open source technologies and ecosystem for meeting a wide range of needs businesses might have.

How We Work?

MXICoders offer full-cycle of services, which include consulting, packaged product implementation, open source training, application engineering and more.

We work using more than 230,000 open source applications registered on one of the most trusted resources for open source developers. In addition, we keep on making proprietary exchanges based on the requirements of the projects to us. In short, we will comprehend the needs of your business and then provide you with the right set of open source apps.

One of the most striking features of our services is lifetime support. Our job doesn’t end with the completion of the development procedure. Whenever you face any issues with any open source product or application created by us or require an update, we will be there to assist you.


Why Hire Us?

Every day we receive hundreds of calls from business owners who are struggling to identify the applications that would be able to meet their technology requirements. Our open source development services are meant for all these people and also for people who want to see their business growing rapidly without excessive investments from their ends.

The technical experts carrying out open source development jobs at MXICoders know the right process of combing the open source network and coming up with the open source software that is perfect for meeting the technical needs of your business.

We work hard to provide our customers with software interoperability, convergence, compatibility, functionality and complete support. Professionals representing MXICoders put in their best and most valuable efforts for standardizing implementation or execution of open source applications and providing the most reliable the efficient solutions one can ever expect to get.


Our Primary Objectives
  • Improving the proprietary integration and legacy using open source applications

  • Leaving strong effects on architectural decisions and usability among the project teams

  • Increasing overall acceptance among users

  • Promoting cross-platform flexibility

  • Implementing the most comprehensive and useful practices for developing customers’ solutions. 

Here are some open source tools we use:
  • Relational database- MySQL

  • Platforms- J2EE, Java, Linux

  • Development environment: NetBeans, Eclipse

  • Application servers: Apache Tomcat, JBoss

  • Web application framework: PHP, Jakarta Struts, Spring

  • Load testing: JMeter

  • Scripting languages: Javascript

  • Reporting Tools: Jasper Reports

  • Markup languages: HTML, XML