10 Best Free OpenCart Extensions

A leading e-commerce platform, Open Cart is very useful in generating online sales. The additional benefit of using an Open Cart is that it is highly customizable and has the facility to connect with almost 3000 free and premium extensions. These extensions add to the ease of services that are already provided by Open Cart. This makes this E-commerce platform the most adaptable and customizable. There is no need whatsoever to add all the extensions to your website, but you may just choose from the ones that really suit your profile. Here is a brief jest of the extensions that you may wish to add to your open cart.

From among the 3000 add-ons, here are the ones most commonly used to promote marketing, streamlining the purchasing process and also to enhance the social media connections.The best part about these extensions is that they are free.

  1. Facebook Connect: This is an extension used to boost the presence of an Open Cart Page on Social Media by allowing the customers to access the services using their Facebook accounts.
  2. Latest Products RSS: This free and customizable extension allows the users to subscribe to an RSS feed of their choice and preference.
  3. Google Checkout: This may be linked to a payment gateway to identify the Google Check Out Payment systems
  4. Wholesale Prices List: If you have a list of products to be displayed and sold, then this extension would allow the user to print and view all the products in the list form
  5. Visitor Counter: If you have been trying to identify the number of people that have visited the website, this extension may be used to get an exact number of the people
  6. Yahoo Messenger: If you wish to enable live chat betweenthe customers and the customerservice executives over the website, then you just need to add the yahoo messenger link.
  7. Filter By Category: This factor allows the customers to filter and view all the products based onvarious categories that they may choose from
  8. Specialprice period Count down: this feature allows the user to see a timer on the products that have been displayed with special and discounted prices.
  9. FB E-commerce Browser: This would allow you to rapidly advertise and promote your shop via the Facebook page increasing the number of visitors on the site. This could also be customized to show the product catalogue and you do not even need to maintain a separate products list.
  10. Bit Coins: This is a very simple extension that allows you to accept and store the Bit coin transactions.

You may also use the Customer Testimonials to promote the reviews and opinions of the people who have used your products. Another feature like the Follow Me add on would allow the users to follow you on twitter and face book. Say you have just single piece of a particular sales item left, then you can also add the One Left Module which would display the tag “Only One left” besides the product.

Besides the ones mentioned, there are many other Extensions which could be used based on your need and display requirements.


By Ashok Rathod

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