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GPS Tracking is leading GPS tracking website and mobile applications. Furthermore, it can track vehicle locations. This application gives minute to minute update about vehicle location by push notification. It also helps when a car is theft for finding exact locations.Also track the location on actual map.

Basic Feature of GPS Tracking

  1. Web based tracking

  2. Mapping and Reporting

  3. Tracking for PC and Mobile

  4. Location

  5. Speed

  6. 24*7 unlimited tracking

  7. More than 30 day history of GPS Tracking data

Basic Feature for Mobile Application

  1. Real Time Tracking

  2. Notifications

  3. History and Reports

  4. View the locations of the objects in real time,on the map of your choice : OSM, Google,Satellite etc…

  5. Instant message about defined events

  6. Engine off/on alert

  7. SOS alarms

  8. speeding, theft & object enters or exits Geo-Zone messag


Features for GPS Tracking

User Type

  • Admin

  • User

Admin Dashboard

                              As admin, he can manage history, notification regarding vehicle tracking and mail, also active and deactive customer information. Admin can manage information for vehicle like brand, name,icon too.

Followings are the basic features for admin dashboard

  1. Manage Email Formats

  2. Google Analytic

  3. User friendly SEO

  4. Dashboard showing all information

  5. Manage Tracking Device type

  6. Manage Vehicles

  7. Manage Transaction


User Dashboard

                           User can manage his profile and also about manage vehicle details.

  1. Dashboard showing all information

  2. Generate Reports

  3. Generate Reports Summary

  4. Manage Geo Setting


Technical Specification

  1. PHP with Codeigniter

  2. MySql

  3. .net to create listener

  4. Android studio to create app


Admin :

Username : Hitesh

Password : 164373

User :

Username : [email protected]

Password : mxi123

Screenshot for Mobile







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