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everything you needed to know about Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)

Over the last few years, concepts such as digital money Bitcoin and Blockchain have revolutionized the way we used to think of technology and online transactions and it is quite easy to see why. Along with these highly advanced ideas, there are also cutting-edge systems and programs like the Internet of Things, innovative devices and keen applications that are forever changing the way we think of science and technology.  

New developments in the field of science and technology offer solutions to our problems and also bring in a lot of new innovations such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality and high-speed travel. One of such advancements is certainly the ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings.

Initial Coin Offering
Initial Coin Offering

What is the definition of an Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)?

An Initial Coin Offerings or ICO can be defined as a form of crowdfunding where crypto-tokens are used instead of conventional money. Initial Coin Offerings or ICOs typically resemble an IPO or Initial Public Offering without the multiple layers of related directions. This means that with ICOs it is possible to gather finances around £20M+ with only a whitepaper and a group. It is, therefore, no wonder that Initial Coin offering solutions are currently in high demand all over the globe.

Unlike IPO or VC, purchasing a crypto-token does not actually qualify you for some offer with the organization but just the undertaking that the ICO refers to. In other words, it is a highly effective Kickstarter project that shows early enthusiasm and interest for such an undertaking as well as its applications. Initial Coin offering lending was a common practice but nowadays and is a great way to acquire funding for various projects.

Literally, anyone can discharge a ‘token’ or coin and claim that it has a market value to rob others of their cash. In fact, many people have actually been hit badly by these fraudsters. However, even though it can be difficult to control the ICOs, such offers often open up doors for different types of private ventures as well as new companies that are looking to test their ideas quickly in a wider market and see how others are keen on investing in their ideas. They may also end up earning sufficient financial backing for their projects and start working on them without having to sell all of their personal items. Such benefits of ICO solutions have made it a very popular form of funding for different types of crowdfunding projects.

 Crowdfunded ICOs are very quickly tradable, mutually interchangeable over all other digital currencies and they also offer an incentive for both financial specialists as well as makers.

Unlike some of the other regular financing options such as credits, VC and IPOs or initial public offerings, crowdfunding is much easier to set up. It can also be a perfect way to evaluate your market ideas, suspicions, and premiums. Crowdfunding campaigns can also help you to promote your products in a natural way and generate market interest among eager buyers even before you have actually completed working on the item.  

Therefore put in simple terms, an ICO or Initial Coin Offerings can serve as the perfect route for any organization that is looking to raise money in a short time without going through the traditional directional and evaluating process. However, many individuals have expressed their concerns when it comes to its security.


Intialcoin Offering
Intialcoin Offering

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ICOs Security Shortfalls

Like with most issues pertaining to the world of digital money, it is up to the client to make use of the best security measures with ICO development to ensure the prevention of fraud and obtain best results from their monetary speculations. As there are not too many insurances or wellbeing nets against frauds from a large number of saving money establishments, there are many things that you should consider when you are looking to invest on ICOs, such as costs of the Bitcoin, estimation of an organization’s token as well as other factors.  

It is important for you to realize that ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings and different types of computerized wallets are often the prime focuses for many cyber criminals. For instance, due to very poor security features, a reserve known as the DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization lost a total of $50 million worth of a cryptocurrency called Ethereum as they were hacked. Finally, DAO had to request Ethereum system to change the center code in order to completely recuperate the assets. It was a major vote of certainty shown by Ethereum development group in spite of poor security conditions.  

You must, therefore, realize that at least 50% or more of ICOs or Initial Coin Offerings subsidizing rounds do not actually meet their market’s top requirements. A good thing that is there is numerous frameworks that determine the way these assets are going to be managed in case the money raised comes up short. A number of them work in the same way as Kickstarter, i.e. in case you are not able to meet your specific goal, all investors get back their cash. However, you should still investigate other factors like Vickrey barters, Dutch closeouts, corresponding discounts as well as numerous other concepts. Before obtaining Initial Coin offering, you should learn about the security measures that come with them.

Finally, another common reason for worrying that many investors have is developing a fine understanding of how cryptographic money wallets work and how a person can safely exchange their financial assets from the various digital currencies to the tokens. A token is a form of advanced resource that you claim to own and you can exchange it with another person. Therefore you should know how to use and benefit from the tokens. One of the most important developments in the sphere of digital wallets has been the introduction of a secure GUI or Graphical User Interface that can enable people to wallets for keeping their coins and then exchanging them without actually entering long open keys.

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Why the advertisers should mind

It is extremely important to come up with a showcasing method for your task starting from the first day. This is actually even more important than the specific item itself. While your item can eventually change over time, your project cannot suffer a loss of reputation at the beginning stages which is why you should always protect impression of your specific undertaking.


The first and most important thing that you should ask is: “What can this token do?”


You must get it:

  • How the token functions in your specific framework?
  • What type of issue can it explain?
  • Why is that the best approach for doing it?
  • What are the highlights that the token has that really makes it extraordinary?

Make use of systems like ‘Offer Canvas’ and ‘The Lean Startup’ for making sure that the market for which you are providing the food for both surely exists and that it is going to be dealing with your task starting from the first day.  


Building ICO advertising methodology

Your ICO or Initial Coin Offerings showcasing system should primarily focus on three main components:

  • Getting potential financial specialists for your group
  • Group Building
  • Meeting potential speculators


Getting potential financial specialists for your team squad

Venturing with some mysterious group only works to beget mistrust among your team squad. So if you have actually fabricated something, make sure that you add your name to that thing. Usually, ICOs list a range of partners that include consultants, colleagues, supports, and accomplices. Evaluate your ICO advertising needs and see if it has international appeal.  

Your counsels should be really interested and put substantial resources to ensure your prosperity. Had it been a perfect world, the investors would have certainly run their very own ICO or Initial Coin Offerings rounds.


You should make sure your accomplices are completely authentic; do not just use the CoinDesk logo everywhere and try to gather supporters for your cause. Make use of influencer systems for increasing your believability as well as for remaining in news for a long time.


Develop a group focusing on your venture

Brand mindfulness along with group building stands as essential components of being straightforward. It will help you to get rid of dread or potentially vulnerable financial specialists that you may come across. It is necessary to do some things that eventually don’t scale, like answering to numerous potential clients clearly and straightforwardly regarding the starting phase, with the aim that you have the infrastructure and manpower to work on your project goals.


Shake hands with the potential financial specialists

When you are looking to raise money with an ICO or Initial Coin Offerings, it is very important to stay in touch with your main objective market and clearly comprehend your customer. So it is necessary that you not simply run your project from your home or office but also go out to meet your clients. Crypto meetups, workshops, and gatherings are taking place all the time and by being a part of them, you can figure out the best ways to test your concept. You can ask questions regarding whether your audience would be interested in your project or not, or if the problem that you are trying to resolve is something that they deal with in their day to day lives.  


Executing an ICO or Initial Coin Offerings Marketing Strategy

Blockchain and crypto are specialty showcase extending industry. Currently, there can be many strategies that work in the form of SaaS models. The emphasis put on advertising actions are driven by tests associated with the process which in turn helps to move progressively towards an objective. At that point, it is necessary to intensify the outcomes by simply focusing on what works and removing what does not. This can be done by making use of the following methods.

Search engine optimization: Simply Optimize Your Website

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most important strategies that are undertaken in this rather unregulated industry. Over the years, there have been numerous situations in which a particular ICO or Initial Coin Offerings brand website has been mocked or cloned with even little alterations to the site URL. For instance, was mocked into “” and “”. Sending your potential financial investors and specialists to a wrong site can be your worst nightmare coming true. Therefore the best thing for you to do is to do the SEO for your website and get it ranked higher in Bing or Google SERPs. This can actually provide you with an opportunity to report to Google in case you find a website that is only a satirized version of your own online portal.

Create a well defined and specialized White Paper

A white paper serves as the main foundation for any kind of crypto-tech proposition. Your white paper will be one of the first things that financial investors are likely to check to see whether your idea truly has got what it takes to succeed. While writing your white paper, you should present your unique strategy for attaining your goals and also discuss the subtle elements and features of the particular innovation that you are looking to utilize. Once you present your white paper to investors, a potential speculator is likely to evaluate why an ICO or Initial Coin Offerings suits your specific undertaking and in what way a token is going to help your clients obtain the maximum benefit from your concept.


Make a brief and concise explainer video

Even though you believe that a photo might say a thousand words, you should come up with a short video to explain the merits of your concept as that can really help to convince investors. The video that you create should be able to clarify the goals and benefits of your project and provide end clients and financial specialists enough reason to believe in your project. They should have a clear idea of what they can expect from you.


Pay for the flag promotions on numerous important distributions

In order to attract the attention of your target audience on the image of your brand and project and make sure that potential speculators take note of what you have to offer, consider paying for various forms of standard promotions on web journals, discussions, new distributions as well as other online promotional stages that are regularly used by the individuals intrigued by advanced monetary forms, bitcoin as well as the blockchain business. The pennants advertisements are typically overseen by show arrange. You may also want to go particularly to a source site and ask the administrators for offering you a quote on the measurements and costs. Keep in mind that the crypto-news systems worldwide are currently exploiting the rise of ICOs. Therefore you should look for bundled bargains that can be useful for month-to-month advertisement needs and present you with substance discharges.  


Focus on group building


Most of the cryptosystems started on gatherings, like Reddit and These sites hold talks regarding what works and what does not, what is new and trending in the digital money world. Therefore it is necessary for your team to take part in such discussions and develop a group building strategy. Keep in mind that there exists a cautious harmony among the supporters as well as included esteem against corporate shills and obvious publicizing.


Come up with an email list

It is necessary that you focus on coming up with an email list for your project from the very first day. This is one of the most effective methods for advertisers to find support. It also works as a great way to find correspondence that has been going on for many years. Emails can help you to convey important updates to your clients and provide them with necessary information about your project. They can also convert them into supporters for your brand and image. These individuals can support your vision and help you to work on your dream goals.


Blockchain Solutions
Blockchain Solutions

Use online networking

You can never undermine the importance of online networking as it can help greatly in spreading the news about what you are working on. There are many online channels and social media platforms that you can use for networking and they can help you to send information about your brand and project, advance your dispatch; gatherings, occasions, stories, delivery person, likes, shares and so on.

Take maximum advantage of the influencer systems

If you are looking for vast and quick scale consideration, make sure that you take the advantage of influencer systems to advance your own needs. It is important that the particular individual that you choose to collaborate together with has enough faith in what you have to offer and also believes that others will love your offerings as well.



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