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Money Transfer or Money Exchange Solutions

Introduction : Advancement of technologies and urbanization make people to go beyond boundaries. For such modern civilization money transfer and exchange solutions have become more popular way for safe payments globally. However, needs for money exchange would be varied from business to business and person to person. Thus, people are looking for something which can […]
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Vehicle Tracking Software Demo – Mobile App for Vehicle Tracking Softwares

Introduction GPS Tracking is leading GPS tracking website and mobile applications. Furthermore, it can track vehicle locations. This application gives minute to minute update about vehicle location by push notification. It also helps when a car is theft for finding exact locations.Also track the location on actual map. Basic Feature of GPS Tracking Web based […]
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Rostering, Attendance and Timesheet Web & Mobile Application

Introduction An application is used to monitor the attendance and movement of employees. It facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular employees. Furthermore,employee can add leave for future and able to see past leave and check in/out time too. Also manage sales forecasting too where Store and Business owner can see performance of […]
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