cloud computing company

Cloud Computing Company

Cloud Computing Company

MXI Coders helps you build customized cloud computing solutions per your business requirements. Activate your business and increase your consumer experience with unified, rapid and strong cloud computing services. Being a renowned cloud computing service company, we offer support at all stages of product development. From reorganizing daily business processes to introducing products and services, cloud computing services from MXI Coders can tackle all your tough challenges.

We Provide Innovative
Cloud Computing Services

We offer cloud computing services exclusively designed for you with much effectiveness, robust protection and reasonable cost in mind. Allow our cloud computing services to benefit your organization by resolving all challenges related to data and analytics with the best security, measurability and enhanced data access.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

cloud computing infrastructure

MXI Coders offers cloud infrastructure services that assist enterprises in experiencing a reliable infrastructure setting that offers significant scalability and business agility. It enhances productivity with measurable, safe and dependable cloud hosting for all applications. This, in turn, supports selecting the correct model for cloud deployment, management structures and level of service.



DevOps make use of cooperation, supervising, and cloud adoption. With MXI Coders DevOps services like DevOps consulting, roadmap and strategy, and DevOps managed services, we ensure fast onboarding of all apps through automation. Not only that, but also we allow consistent incorporation and development in leading cloud platforms. Our DevOps services help in accelerating cloud operations and various workloads by lessening costs, enhancing effectiveness and speeding up the release managing cycle. as Code”, creating harmony in cloud operations.

Full Stack Cloud Services

Cloud Computing

MXICoders offers Full Stack cloud services that help your company manage the cloud infrastructure with the help of an API or Web interface. It offers tools for creating, managing and monitoring cloud resources like single or multiple server architecture, execution of SSL, SMTP etc. Organizations use it for building cloud computing solutions.

Cloud Support

cloud support

MXICoders cloud support services offer on-time assistance to consumers through their team of skilled professionals who respond immediately and offer solutions to issues for fast mitigation. Our dedicated team develop a close bond with your organization to get an insight into the cloud environment and all technical concerns to offer the best assistance.

Cloud Providers

cloud providers

A cloud service provider provides all components required for cloud computing services, such as the infrastructure as a service, platform or software as a service. The cloud providers for MXICoders are IBM, AWS, Google Cloud providers, Microsoft Azure, and Digital Ocean.

Cloud Application Development

cloud application development

As part of our software development services, our team of experts can assist you in choosing a cloud model that aligns best with your business requirements. Our team provides top-notch cloud application development services that quickly and consistently provide all cloud-native and cloud-only apps that effectively employ all cloud capabilities.


Hire Team of Cloud Computing Developers for Quality Work

The team of cloud computing service providers at MXICoders are skilled in in-app integration, migration, deployment, infrastructure management, and execution. Hire our cloud computing service providers team that will allow all small and medium businesses to access enterprise-class technologies without investing heavily in on-demand solutions.

MXICoder’s team of experts offers turnkey cloud computing services such as cloud platform design and management, networking, and other such cloud computing services.

We can assist you in optimizing the existing cloud solutions through consolidation of digital infrastructure, standardization of out-of-date atmosphere and modernization of specific resources.

Technologies We Use for
Cloud Computing

The cloud computing experts at MXI Coders make use of technologies that makes services flexible, highly usable and dependable. The technologies we use are –

Ruby and Rail

Delivered Hundreds of
Cloud Computing Projects




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Cloud Computing Page FAQs

Cloud computing is the process of using a network of remote servers hosted through the internet for storing, managing and processing data instead of hosting locally. In simple terms, it uses other's hardware and infrastructure, decreasing the capital investments a business requires.
Cloud computing benefits a company by increasing efficiency and cost savings with fewer IT staff. Some individual software vendors also benefit from cloud computing for delivery of the software application as a service that provides several operation and administrative cost savings.
One can get several aspects of IT savings by adopting cloud computing services. When you move to any cloud-based services, you can save about 20 – 80% of the total cost of running any premises-dependent application.
There is no exact cost of developing any cloud-based application as it varies depending on several factors such as overall size, project complexities, various features of the application, product design, and the technology stack being used and so on. The cloud computing consultants at MXI Coders can help determine the exact cost of your cloud computing app development.
As a major part of the cloud security service, the team of experts at MXI Coders take all required measures like - Use of encryption Following guidelines of regulatory compliance Access control Consistently supervising the cloud activity Keeping a data backup Using a multifactor authentication system

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