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MXICoders never shy away from putting in their best efforts for maintaining the confidentiality of our clients’ projects; this is because we always do what’s best for our clients. We always take appropriate measures to ensure that all the works we do are carried out in a secured environment in other words, we take all the necessary steps for ensuring complete data security, physical security and so on.  
One of the most important tools we use for ensuring complete confidentiality and security of information is NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement. We get an NDA executed with every client; NDA issued by MXICoders distinctly explains the following:
  • What types of data/information we will collect from the client?
  • For what purpose the data/information will be collected?
  • How we will use those collected data/information?
  • What measures we will take for ensuring security?
  • Name of people/organizations, with whom the collected client information can be shared/disclosed (for security issues, legal issues etc.)
  • Level of risks (examples include unauthorized alteration, data loss etc.)

We also make each of our employees sign an NDA. This signing event takes place when a new employee joins the company. The NDAs signed by the employees, state the following: 
  • As an employee of our company one does not have the right of disclosing any of the company’s proprietary information indirectly or directly to any individual or organization outside the project management team or the company. Employees also don’t possess the right of using, copying, publishing, summarizing or removing any proprietary data.
  • Employees of MXICoders neither have the right of using competitive practices that are unfair in nature after being terminated from employments nor can they get involved in any kind of business during their employment.
  • It is the duty of every employee of MXICoders to maintain the confidentiality of any secret information obtained from clients and third parties; they neither can use the information nor can disclose it. 
For tightening up security of project info, MXICoders famous supplier of Custom Erp Software Development Company UK We modularize big project into several smaller modules. This ensures that even if code gets stolen, they cannot be used. For a company that cares about security of project information it is quite obvious that they would opt for cloud hosting; so, it’s needless to say that MXICoders use cloud computing. 
When we develop a new website we test it by putting it up on a testing server. However, as soon as the testing procedure is over, we remove it from that server. This ensures that the website codes remain secret even to the people who worked on it previously. This also means that no as service providers, we don’t have the source code of any website developed by us once it is launched or made live. 
All sensitive information we have with us remains encrypted and protected by password. This ensures that when someone with malevolent intent tries to read such information, he or she will only come across one result i.e. failure. 

Custom Erp Software Development Company USA

We also arrange comprehensive IP protection for our clients’ projects. We have dedicated resources available for every single project we handle. This in turn successfully prevents unauthorized use of resources additionally, all proprietary data received from our clients also stay protected. Mxicoders leading Custom Erp Software Development Company USA  and provide latest  feature of our project management procedure is the powerful ethical framework, which works by forbidding IP exchange between projects. 

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