Crowdfunding is a capital raising method where capital raised by the help of friends, investors and family also this is platform where investors also make campaign to share with social media such as facebook, twitter and other media.Most of the people misjudge like crowdfunding gives money to all people and to all projects who posts but this isn’t true, here people have to explain why do want to do this and not other for project. If people understands your unique idea then they are going to invest in your project.

General Features

  • Responsive Design
  • Payment Gateway
  • Secure Platform
  • Sharing Projects through Facebook and Twitter
  • Signup using Email
  • Bilingual Language
  • Find a Project on category based
  • Facebook and Twitter commenting
  • Browser Compatibility
  • 100% Source Code & Customizable
  • Video Features in Project Page
  • Excess Donation for Creator
  • Unlimited Categories


Crowdfunding site allows admin to manage projects where he can approve and reject it. Furthermore, he can manage news relate to crowdfunding on the website as banner.Also showing how many users are exist and who post project and who is interested in that project.Crowdfunding prevents duplication of projects and also gives facility to integrate video to explain in depth because to explain by video is easy rather than theoretical.


Followings are basic features includes :

      • Account setting
      • Dashboard show All Informations
      • Customized Search
      • Social Media Integration
      • SEO user friendly
      • Google Analytic
      • Content Management System
      • Generate Report


User/ Investor

Crowdfunding allows user to start campaign where user can manage his/her profile, participate, interest into projects. Investor easily can find projects of his/her interests. Campaign involve video where user can explain about his project and also able to search category wise to raise capital and fund. Project involves expiry date, value of the project. Furthermore,Investor can comment and ask questions about projects too.
Following are basic features includes:

  • Share Project
  • Dashboard show All Informations
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Find a Project
  • Search Category wise
  • Advanced Search (Popular, Final Countdown, New This Week, Most Funded)
  • Capital Raising, Duration of Projects etc…
  • Incentive Person name with commission
  • Content using Facebook and Twitter


Server Requirements

  1. PHP (version 5.4.x to 5.6.x)
  2. Apache Web Server
  3. MySQL (version 4.1.2 or higher) CURL

Why Choosing us?

  1. Flexible Crowdfunding
  2. Efficacious Crowdfunding

Demo URL

Admin URL

Username- admin

Password- mxi123

User URL


Password- Mxi#123

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