Essential functions and features of GPS Based Vehicle Tracking System

Vehicle tracking and fleet management systems and software have become necessary in today’s world. Without transportation, everything would cease to exist. It is necessary today to keep a track of your vehicles at all times and in turn, increases efficiency and profits.

GPS based vehicle tracking systems are used by logistics companies, packers, and movers and several other industries. A lot of professional companies like Mxicoders are hence working for vehicle tracking app development.

The right features and functions need to be provided to serve the tracking and delivery system in the best possible way.

Some of the key functions that need to be provided are:

  •  Driver Panel: The driver panel is meant to serve the drivers and make things easier for them. The features required in this panel are
  • Registration: This is the login page through which the drivers can access the app or register if they aren’t registered already.
  • Real-time GPS tracking: This feature helps the drivers to track the routes to be taken for making the deliveries and pickups in the given time.
  • Updating trip timings: The drivers can use this feature to update the start and ending time of trips which helps in tracking the distance covered in a better way.
  • Updating status: The drivers can update their status when they have completed their assigned tasks. It helps in scheduling the next tasks better.
  • Reports: Every detail about the trip can be reported by the drivers.

Admin Panel: The panel which gives the business owners every detail and feature that they need to ensure efficient vehicle tracking.

  • Dashboard: To manage and monitor the fleet and all the drivers that are attuned to the application.
  • Maintenance and scheduling: Fleet maintenance and scheduling servicing and repairs are made easy by this feature.
  • Fuel usage, performance analysis, and vehicle tracking: The amount of fuel consumed as per the distances covered, to vehicle tracking reports and the performance delivered by the vehicles can be easily monitored.
  • Driver management: Assigning tasks and managing drivers can be easily done by the admin.
  • Marketing: The admin has control over all the advertising activities like banners, ads, and email templates.

 Advanced Features: The fleet tracking software development companies are providing more and more advanced features to make the process seamless.

  1. Stop speeding: This feature warns the drivers in case of excessive speeding and prevents the risks of breaking traffic rules and accidents.
  2. Automatic driver assignment: This feature helps the drivers to update their status and get assistance regarding the next trip, within a short span of time.
  3. GPS: The key feature on which the entire vehicle tracking system is based, it not only helps the owners keep a track of the vehicles but also assists the drivers with the routes to be followed to make the deliveries on time.
  4. Offline tracking: Offline tracking is a key feature when it comes to deliveries in remote areas where connectivity is bleak.
  5. Automated alerts: Drivers receive automated alerts about various activities like the fuel level going low, or excessive speeding, or taking the wrong routes and so on.
  6. Cloud-Based: Cloud-based servers store all the data related to the vehicle tracking the mobile device in a reliable and secure manner, optimizing the performance and speed of the system.
  7. In-app messaging: This feature allows the drivers to easily communicate with the admins in case of any trouble or emergency.

All these features in the custom GPS vehicle tracking software help the business owners to properly monitor all the nitty-gritty of the fleet and increase the overall productivity as well. The fuel monitoring feature is essential as it sends alerts if anything unusual is noticed with the fuel, like draining out and things like that.

The possibilities of a vehicle tracking mobile device are endless and are useful for business of all scales.

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There are several software development companies and mobile app development companies that are constantly working towards developing better and better fleet management systems.

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By Ashok Rathod

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