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Real-time tracking, routing display, panic button integration, temperature and fuel monitoring.

About Fleet Management Software

Any business affianced with the transportation industry needs to keep a close check on its fleet of vehicles. Several functions like speed management, vehicle tracking, vehicle system diagnostics, maintenance, driver management, safety management, and fuel management related issues and updates, need to be tracked regularly. Manually handling these errands is an intricating job, especially when the company is enormous and vehicles are many. MXICoders powered Fleet Management Software is a comprehensive solution to solve this issue.

Why need

Fleet Management Software

MXICoders is a leader in providing software-related solutions to make our clients’ life and work easy. With our proficiency and years of practical experience in the development of GPS enabled fleet management software, our experts help in customising the product according to the requirement of the industry. We discuss to understand our clients’ need and develop a product that intelligently supervises, administers and schedules all the vehicles in a company. Dispatching a product through our fleet management solutions is like heading on the road with assurance from totally certified programmers. We make use of updated technology that can be used to streamline our clients’ business and provide the most precise and valuable outcome.

Fleet Management

Our Features

Real Time Tracking
Real Time Tracking

Allows the user to know about the current location, condition, status of the vehicle using sensors and GPS, irrespective of the location of the vehicle.

Job Schedule Board
Job Schedule Board

Helps the user to assign and schedule various kinds of jobs to drives, operating different types of vehicles

Safty Driving
Safty Driving

The system tracks the behaviour of the vehicle driver and immediately sends a notification to the office if the driver tries to drive out of limits or violates traffic rules

Route History
Route History

Keeps a record of the route, time taken on a specific road, fuel consumption and shares the data with the system, which help to derive better routs in the future.

Driver Route
Driver Route

Assigns the best route that the driver can take to reach the destination safely and without any problem

Offline Tracking
Offline Tracking

Track vehicles in rural areas that do not have proper network connectivity and sends the data back to the system correctly.

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