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Every organization has its unique set of digital service requirements and that’s where MXICoders excels. As an experienced organization, we understand the need for customized programmes and therefore we have a team of specialized developers for each category.

Why Hire Php Developers From MXICoders?

You may be having a long list of developers and each one would be claiming to be the best. But here are some strong and valid reasons which give MXICoders an edge over the other developers:

  • We have different teams of developers which focus on one project at a time to avoid any overlapping of codes and other errors
  • Having a dedicated developer or team for each project lowers the total time required to complete the assignment.
  • We have experts for all types of software, applications as well as data management systems.
  • Our Software Developers For Hire work in coordination with the organization to thoroughly understand what our clients want and have open communication with the clients, keeping them updated on the progress of their work.
  • Our prices are extremely reasonable and we ensure that our clients get full value for their payments.

Hire Blockchain Developer

One the latest technologies to invade the digital world, Blockchains have seen a hockey-stick growth. It is basically a platform where digital information can be distributed but not copied. This technology was originally created for Bitcoins (Initial Coin Offering or ICO) and then taken forward to other cryptocurrencies. The success of Bitcoins has corroborated the usefulness of the Blockchain ecosystem, thereby leading to a growing demand for specialised blockchain developers. This technology is now being projected to other industrial and corporate processes as well. With organisations becoming geographically dispersed, decentralisation of data is the new way of doing effective business.The highly qualified and experienced team of developers at MXICoders are very well-versed with this new technology of Blockchain development which forms the foundation of a new type of Internet. 

  • Just like Google Spreadsheets work for your Microsoft office files and other data sharing, our specialized and dedicated Blockchain developers will create a customized data sharing ecosystem which is completely secured and reflects data modifications instantly.
  • After thorough testing processes, our developers will also train your staff for using the network with complete efficiency.
  • We keep our developers up-to-date by sending them for training programmes and seminars on Blockchain technology so as to be able to deliver the best services to our clients. Hire our dedicated blockchain developers and get your work complexities solved effectively.

Hire DAPP Developer

DAPP (Decentralized apps) are becoming extremely popular these days. Whereas the regular mobile apps require a host for managing data, DAPP cannot be ruled by any one person or system. The front-end codes of DAPP can be written in any language while the back-end integration takes place through API calls.  With this, organizations that have geographically dispersed offices can easily stay connected, request data; send queries to other systems and save big time on resources and digital space. It also enables easy customer database management, effective loyalty programs and seamless flow of all the required information with complete security.
Looking for a decentralized peer-to-peer network for your organization? MXICoders has you sorted for that!

  • From the complex computation processes involved in your business to file storage, external data like 3rd Party APIs, monetization and payments, our DAPP Developers will build every decentralized node in the data system using error-free codes.
  • Our development processes are followed by multiple tests to ensure that our clients do not face any bugs. So whether you want to improve the exchange of accurate information between different office zones of just simplify tasks and lower costs, the DAPP developers at MXICoders will always excel your expectations.
  • We have a deep knowledge of different programming languages like C++, Java, PHP, SQL, Python, ASP.NET, etc.
  • We also have in-depth knowledge of building remote API (Application Interface) that integrates Blockchain technology for monitoring your applications and processes from anywhere.

Hire PHP Developer

PHP coding is one of the most commonly used foundations for making HTML pages, softwares and websites. Whether it is a basic content management system like a blog or a complex dynamic site or a website application, our PHP developers have the expertise of server-side scripting for smoothly functioning front-ends. At MXICoders, we create customized codes and scripts as per your requirements and that too at the best price. Our PHP coders can create sites and Web applications for B2B as well as for B2C businesses. We have skills for developing Wordpress sites, Joomla Development, MY SQL as well as other content management systems and applications that require PHP coding. Think no further, take your venture online and get ready to conquer the global market!

  • Our PHP developers can create customized websites for improving your online presence as well as for developing e-commerce sites.
  • We work as a team to coordinate the back-end scripting with the front-end designs
  • We also provide training for using the admin-panel effectively.
  • Our coding focuses on seamless processes with a user-friendly interface.

Hire Mobile Application Developers

Having a good website for your clients or web application for your back-end processes may not be enough these days. There are a rising number of people shifting towards using their phones for work, gathering information as well as for conducting transactions. You can get personalized mobile applications developed by MXICoders within the shortest possible time and within your budget so that you can kick-start your new business activities at the earliest and take your venture to the next level. We excel in making data applications, shopping apps, messaging apps, networking applications, etc.

  • We make mobile applications for Android, IOS, Blackberry as well as Windows phone.
  • The mobile applications developed by MXICoders are always in sync with the corresponding website or web application so as to give similar online experience to the users.
  • Our services are always punctual and cost-effective.
  • The maintenance and support team of MXICoders is always available for sorting out technical issues if they arise and also for updating the applications as and when required.

You can also hire a specialized iPhone application developer, hire an Android developer, hire a windows mobile app developer or one for all smartphone operating systems.

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