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Give your business a technical edge with our team of highly experienced Solidity developers. We have already helped numerous organizations create and deploy smart contracts and dApps that meet their individual needs, all while taking advantage of the potential offered by blockchain technology. With our experts on board, you can rest assured that success is just around the corner!

We are rated 4.5 out of 5 on average across 90 reviews

We are rated 4.5 out of 5 on average across 90 reviews

We are rated 4.9 out of 5 on average across 90 reviews

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Process to Hire Solidity Developer
from MXICoders

To hire a solidity developer from MXICoders, the first step is to describe your project requirements. We will shortlist few employees who could do the job and then you can interview them. Pick the best one and they’ll start working on your project. At MXICoders, we make sure all our solidity developers are highly trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of your project. We have a flexible engagement model that allows us to provide custom solutions for any organization’s needs.

Why you Should Hire Solidity Developer
from MXICoders

Smart Contracts Development

Our Solidity experts specialize in creating, testing, uploading, and monitoring smart contracts on various blockchain platforms like Neo Blockchain, Ethereum Blockchain, and Hedera Hashgraph.

dApp Development

Our capable Solidity development team specializes in constructing protected and straightforward dApps using the Solidity programming language.

Digital Token Creation

We simplify the tokenization process for your ERC20 projects, offering digital tokens that can be minted, burned, upgraded and transferred in a secure smart contract.

Testing & Audit

Our Solidity developers are committed to providing the utmost security by thoroughly testing and auditing your smart contracts.


Crafted with precision, our Crowdsale contracts provide you a unique opportunity to more effectively manage cryptocurrency and maximize the efficiency of your sales process.

Crypto Exchange Platform Development

Our Solidity developers guarantee a streamlined and secure coding, testing, deployment, and security process for exchange platforms.

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Absolutely. Our specialized team of Solidity developers will exclusively work on your project, providing you with the best results possible in a timely manner.
MXICoders employs Solidity developers who are renowned for their transparency and integrity, making them a trusted choice. Moreover, these experts utilize the agile software methodology to ensure your project is running efficiently. We also offer you flexibility in terms of engagement models as our developers can be hired on a fixed cost, monthly or hourly basis - whichever works best for you!
The cost of hiring a Solidity developer from MXICoders can vary according to the engagement model chosen. We offer flexible pricing options depending on your project needs, with fees beginning at $15/hour for hourly engagements, or fixed-cost and monthly payment plans. Our developers guarantee top-notch services and results without compromising on quality or timeline.
Solidity is tailor-made for Ethereum Virtual Machine, which makes it a language with immense current and future potential!
Our developers can create and deploy smart contracts and dApps that meet your individual needs. Plus, our experts make sure that success is just around the corner! MXICoders' developers are different because they provide top-notch services without compromising on quality or timeline and use an agile software methodology for efficient projects. They also offer flexible pricing options so you can get the best value for your money.

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