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Initial coin offering is the hot topic of today’s new era of ERC20 Token Development or turning point of the crypto to reach the more numbers of customers for raising the more amount of money for the development of the company. For the cryptobased opportunities, initial coin offering is the next way to raise the initial capital. It is blended with all the benefits of blockchain technology, it is fast limitless and decentralized. It is like IPO where the company sells its share to the public. The Initial Coin Offering Development, merchandise its currency like Etherum and bitcoin to their clients, they are known as early investors and they buy in the hope of getting more profit or at least double of the amount they had bought.

Initial coin offering: It is the process during which projects captivate funds by the way of selling digital tokens. Here, Mixcoders is the leading Initial Coin Offering Development Company USA  & we explain everything you need to know about ICOs, and you should also consider for your business project.

Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering

The ICO development company includes

  • White paper

  • Landing page

  • Light paper

  • Presentation

  • Press release kit

  • Coin drop

  • ICO Fundraising Dashboard

  • Marketing plan

  • Token Creation

The Most Trusted Model of ICO Funding

Whitepaper: It is a public document with the information of an ICO project.

Upcoming-generation platform

This project is to unlock all the multibillion market of < … >

A decentralized and borderless network that puts consumers in control/the driver’s seat

Uncorrupted central authority and the Most underrated token

Pre-ICO marketing with the community like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and many more

Pre-ICO or open to all Initial Coin Offering fixed the investment amount that you are determined to buy the coin

In wallet setup amount of coin/token, you bought drop to allotted investor’s mobile wallets.

How to launch your ICO with a detailed information?

Mixcoders is the leading Blockchain App Development Company with the unique way of offering secure and reliable solutions of raising crowdfunding and the launching of successfully ICO. Our experienced and Blockchain experts will provide you the detailed information and guide you on how to raise ICO.

For each and every Initial Coin Offering Development company there are different pricing packages.

The following ICO services we provide for further assistance

We offer smart and reliable contract development service to visualize various services

All your queries will be solved at the initial stage about your product with the dedicated ICO experts

Initial Coin Offering Development Company USA provide unique designed landing page with social media to get started and encourage the investors

We conduct ICO development solution for token distribution, marketing and set up with community channels

For the prospective ICO investors expert white paper service offered for the present the venture

Well-developed and informative prospectus services executed with benefits of the Initial Coin Offering

Mxicoders concisely build your ICO with strong PR and numerous marketing campaigns with definite results.

We offer comprehensively developed crypto coin with detailed white paper service

The safe and standard platform, across different industries with personalized blockchain integration

Mixcoders is proved one-stop solution and trusted ICO development services

To help stake holders strategic road-map is also build

The list of industries for which Blockchain technology is forecast to disrupt are as follows

  1. Healthcare

  2. Accounting

  3. Insurance

  4. Real Estate

  5. Retail

  6. Trading

  7. Logistics

  8. Finance

  9. Voting

  10. Banking

The strategic marketing services

The team of ICO Development Company USA gives you the best possible services of digital marketing service for the launching of successful ICO with firm support and implement the strategy to achieve the highest goal in the crypto market. Initial Coin Offering Development Company USA are also available to help you and grow more for ICO marketing solutions with digital marketing and advances SEO services.

ICO competitive marketing services

We provide unparalleled and strong ICO marketing services that help you to stand high in the competitive market with various services

  1. SEO

  2. PPC

  3. Content Marketing

  4. Development

  5. ICO page rank

  6. ICO Insight

  7. Development building

  8. Guest blogging

  9. Media research

  10. Press releases

History of ICO’s

  • Master coin- $ 5,00,000

  • Maid safe- $ 7 Million

  • Ethereum- $ 18 Million

  • Waves- $ 16 Million

  • The DAO- $ 150 Million

  • Qtum- $ 15,5 Million

  • Gnosis- $13 Million

  • Status- $100 Million

  • Bancor- $ 156 Million

  • Tezos- $ 232 Million

  • EOS- $ 185 Million ongoing till date

  • July 2018- Online staking E-Pets alpha releases

  • August 2018- E-Pets battle system integration, public beta testing

  • September2018- Initial game releases begin mass adoption

  • December2018- E-Pets store releases, micro transactions enabled

The upcoming decentralized worldwide cryptocurrency … to cross all possibilities of uses and to increase the number of users by simplifying the process of managing cryptocurrency to the maximum.

The team of Mixcoders Initial Coin Offering Development Company USA has years of experience across various industries and vast knowledge when it comes to app development and technology updates. We know that every business is different and is at the next stage of development and has existing needs. Hence our main focus is to visualize your vision and help you fulfill all your goals. Our ICO marketing development company provides proven strategies that will ultimately get you the desired results. Mixcoders implement all ICO pitching to competitive developments such as ICO token developer, platform hosting, Pre-Post Token development, Smart contract, landing page design and an expanded list of digital Initial Coin Offering Development campaign. In the Company, we have experienced ERC20 (Token) developer Team which has an extensive knowledge and broad skill in the token developing platform, that maintains numerous Ethereum Token. Along with this, we have multiple Token and ICO Smart contract experts to deliver Strong skills for ICO.

Find the complete Initial Coin Offering services, marketing strategies, launching of new ICO, development of smart contracts, technical execution, manual and automatic testing no other than Mxicoders the leading blockchain company.

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