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Internet Overthing Applications Development

IoT- Internet of Things is the new way of getting things done efficiently with less of human intervention. With the fast moving world, automation of devices is the order of the day. IoT is the technology with which devices are connected through the internet. These connected devices can then exchange data and obey commands. This way an entire group of devices like computers, electronics and other gadgets like your smart phones can be connected and monitored more efficiently. MXICoders brings this latest and growing technology to you with its unmatched capabilities to make your life hassle-free. From your complex and geographically dispersed businesses to managing your well equipped house, IoT is a new boon to mankind. MXICoders Internet Over Things Companies is one of the leading providers of IoT solutions in India. Our expertise in coding, programming and digital network planning and execution goes beyond our clients’ expectations with our seasoned human resources and updated systems that keep up with the every-progressing digital world.
IOT Development

Where Intenet Of Thing Services Solutions Can Be Applied?

A decade or two ago it was only computers and high-end complex machines that were connected to the internet. But these days, every other device has been leveraged to internet connectivity. Even basic electronics like television sets have been connected to digital world. Hence the scope of applying IoT solutions goes beyond MNCs and technology oriented organizations. IoT solutions can be used in the following areas-

Home Automation

Home Automation

Managing the multitude of electronic appliances in your house can leave you baffled. Getting your house automated with digital connections can save your time and resources while allowing you to handle your devices while at work or when you’re away on a holiday. MXICoders offers expert Internet Over Thing Application Development solutions where you can keep a check on your devices and perform operations like controlling the temperature of your air-conditioner as well as get your food cooked at the right time in your high-end microwave oven.

Vehicle Tracking

Tracking vehicles using IoT has an edge over GPS services. While Global Positioning Satellite systems shows the location of vehicles in real-time, Internet of Things shares information about the speed, direction and location as well as other variables using GPS and OBD (On Board Diagnostics) sensors in the vehicle. This allows the user to keep a check on accidents and safety of the vehicles. With our high level of expertise, MXICoders has the ability to integrate these complex systems and keep you updated with the precise whereabouts and safety level of your luxury cars and other vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking
RFID Solution

RFID Solutions using IoT

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a small electronic device which allows the user to scan products and their movement from a distance. RFID devices have an edge over barcodes and magnetic strips which require more of human intervention for scanning. MXICoders propagates the use of latest technology to make your tasks easier therefore strives to provide high frequency RFID devices for your seamless business operations. These devices are highly useful in the booming retail industry. Having been extensively used by business giants like Walmart for decades, the RFID technology is definitely worth adopting.


Where keys, RFID devices and passwords can work up to a limit for monitoring and protecting your assets, biometrics seems to be growing as the future of IoT. Fingerprint scanning, retina scan, face-identification and voice recognition are ways of ensuring the highest protection for your devices and the valuable assets within them. We at MXICoders, understand the importance of data and asset security and take utmost care while providing customized biometric solutions. While our technicians come up with an effective coding system, our customer service team ensures that you do not face any bugs or set-backs ever.

Door Access Control

Door Access Control

Using IoT as the backbone of advanced security systems, MXICoders offers electronic access control systems like door access controls. Given the uncertain surroundings where innovative thefts are becoming common, we offer fool-proof door access controls with intelligent locking systems which cannot be hacked into. Our expertise and experience in this area and our growing base of satisfied customers speaks about our unmatched service levels in this field.

Temperature Control

For businesses like cold storage warehouses and casting processes where the right temperature and humidity levels are of utmost importance, automation of temperature control is an effective solution for increased productivity. Our team at MXICoders not only provides end-to-end temperature control solutions, our maintenance and support team keeps a thorough check on your automated processes from time to time so that your business keeps flourishing over its strong foundation of technology.

Temperature Control

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