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IPhone Application Development

The number of apps on Apple store is increasing with almost every passing day. Currently, the number is somewhere around 900,000 and this clearly proves that iOS is the platform of choice when it comes to mobile applications.

Any business that is looking to promote its product and/or services better, should consider using iOS apps. These applications are also great way of promoting the company as a whole. MXICoders has the right set of resources to develop effective and unique iPhone and iPad applications.

It is important to get iOS apps developed by qualified developers to make sure that the applications are of high quality; quality of an app hugely affects its performance. If you want your business to have iOS Application Development that can be operated using your or your targeted customers’ native language, we can even do that for you. The experienced team of app developers representing our company allows us to develop and support mobile applications of all possible types; depending on your needs, we can help you by building apps that are accessible both in offline and online modes; or in either of the two.

Based on the kind of project you have assigned us, we can broadcast the iOS apps or can make them available via the App Store; we can send the apps directly to our customers or can send them on their iOS device.

Technologies: Swift, Objective C

Ios Application Development Companies(iPad, iPhone)

The whole concept of promoting businesses, products and services changed with the advent of iOS Applications Development. You can do more spontaneous marketing of your offerings and promote your company in a better way using these apps.

Why choose MXICoders?

  • We create iPhone and iPad apps that can adapt seamlessly to all other terminals and systems (Android, Windows Phone, Black Berry etc.)
  • Our developers are veterans of the field and can use their technical knowledge and our personal library of software components to come up with unique iOS Application Development matching your business’s needs perfectly.
  • We always keep our customers up-to-date about the iOS development parameters imposed by Apple.
  • The project management team of MXICoders is made up of some of the most talented professionals of this field; these are people who will give perfect shape to your iOS app dreams.

iPhone Applications Development Service By Our Team

  • Identifying goals and the functionality of your mobility solution
  • Defining the scope and elements of the solution (applications, server modules, Administration Console Integration with data sources, interfacing with an existing information system)
  • Identifying Targets Terminals (iPhone, iPad) based on the objectives
  • Following good practices and the user on iPhone and other devices experience
  • Setting ergonomic principles
  • Interface development in collaboration between designer and developers and OEMs
  • Qualification process with testing and optimization potential
  • Treating descriptive presentation of your application on the Apple Store and support the process of validation by Apple
  • Establishing a relationship with your users (Push, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Communicating with your customers / users
  • Monitoring and application maintenance
  • Adding NetBeans, JAVA etc. SDK (software development kit)

To install an app on an iPhone, one will first need to sign that app using a provisional certificate called IDC or iPhone Development Certificate. We help our customers even during the process of generating the certificate. 



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