Native vs. Hybrid Mobile Application

Native Mobile Application :

Native application is icon in device and live on the smartphone where it access through “icons” on the device of home screen. Native application is installed from Google Play store or Apple’s app store which is developed only for specifically one platform and take full advantage of all devices. Native mobile application can use the GPS,the Compass,camera, the list of contacts,the accelerometer and so on. Also it includes to use gestures either it is Standard OS gesture or new or app defined gestures.

Native Mobile application using Objective-C, Swift for iOS, Java for android.Native Mobile application using the guidelines of OS. you may checkout Using Jetpack Navigation Component In Android



  • Performance is better than Hybrid
  • Good UI/UX
  • Well-built support community and documentation


Mobile App Development Company
Mobile App Development Company


  • Increase development, cost and maintenance time.
  • Need to understand knowledge to each platform.

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Hybrid Mobile Application:

Hybrid Mobile Application is the part of the native apps and part of web apps. It is same as native mobile application like live in app store & also take more pros of available many device features.

Furthermore, whenever we use word hybrid, we thinks that it built by Phonegap or Cordova.  It is one code base and using multiple platforms means portability. Also access hardware/software capabilities through plug in.

Pros :

  • One code base and using multiple platforms
  • Developer can easily use existing web skills
  • Cost effective
  • Ease to develop

Mobile App Explainer (copy) on Biteable.

Cons :

  • Performance issue for  some type of apps
  • Little device features and APIs with a view to Native.
  • Not more experienced Developers

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