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A major meltdown of the financial sector in the recent past has made it very difficult to raise capital for small businesses. This is why many companies have begun Crowd funding solutions to ease the trouble areas of lack of funding from capitalisation and investors.

At MXICoders we provide the customers with a ready to use infrastructure which can be used to easily make, launch and maintain a crowd funding platform which would extensively support investments. In addition to this we also support direct business equity investments in Small and medium sized Enterprises; which while we are making the crowd funding software for you, can focus on a successful crowd funding business.

Features for Alternative Funding Solutions

Certain features that need to be considered before the development of a Crowd funding Solution are:

  • Understanding the options available
  • Criteria to select a platform
  • Deciding upon the most suitable funding model
  • Elements to make the campaign successful
  • Benefitting as a platform, or a dealer or even an investor

Based on the business area, MXICoders can help to offer a variety of services. Some of the common integrations are:

Platforms: Strategic planning Marketing,

  • Advisory benefits and social media interventions,
  • Business development for the customers and finding right partnerships,
  • Events management and PR

Dealers :Events and consulting,

  • Workshops and private labelling,
  • Channel Partnering and Business Unit Development

Entrepreneurs :Selecting the right platform ,

  • Devising campaign plans and promotions,
  • Social media interventions and fundraising,
  • Adherence to compliance

Investors :Workshops,

  • Curation and syndication,
  • Branding and Dashboards to increase and improve connectivity

At MXICoders we help you develop a one stop platform for all expert access and consulting services. We also engage in broker dealers & financial advisors and lawyers &accountant benefits from the new and alternative sector in finance. Entrepreneurs can be helped with equity and debt promotions and campaigning and management of debts. We also enlist platform access and selection in the services being offered. For investors the opportunities are high with Crowd Investing and Crowd Lending deals with a maximum return on investments.


Why Crowdfunding:

In USA alone there are 191establishments for crowd funding. Here are a few reasons why this concept is a huge success.

  1. Convenience: Crowdfunding is just the right way to seek funding without actually asking for money. Compared to all the paperwork and the legal formalities, crowdfunding is a very easy concept and it is made more compatible by effective Crowdfunding solutions which bring together the different aspects required.
  2. Validation of the concept: Having an idea and then converting it into a concept which can make money is the proof of the validation of the idea being considered.
  3. Risk management: Considering it is not one investor’s entire lot of savings which is being risked, new ventures can be tried easily and with appropriate and suitable solutions for crowd funding, the risk is majorly reduced.
  4. A real time feedback and marketing tool: Marketing is the best in cases where the feedback is immediate and the faults are corrected immediately. MXICoders can help develop an interactive and analytical Crowdfunding Solution for your organization.

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