Top 10 RestAPI for OsClass Classified Mobile Application Development

If you are looking to develop a mobile application for classifieds using the OSClass platform, you will want to consider utilizing a RESTful API (RestAPI) to enhance the functionality and user experience. By integrating a RESTful API into your OSClass classified mobile application development, you can facilitate smooth communication between your app and the OSClass platform, allowing you to optimize the flow of data and provide an interactive experience for your users.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 RestAPIs for OSClass classified mobile app development, so you can find the best solution to meet your specific classifieds app development needs and enhance your user experience.

What is RestAPI for OsClass?

OSClass is a free and open source classifieds software that allows users to create classifieds websites. The RestAPI for OSClass is a plugin that provides a RESTful API to access the functionalities of OSClass through HTTP requests.

With the RestAPI for OSClass, mobile app developers can easily build applications such as mobile apps, chatbots, and other services that integrate with OSClass. The API provides endpoints for creating, updating, deleting, and retrieving classifieds data such as categories, items, users, and locations.

The plugin also supports authentication using a token-based system to ensure secure and authenticated access to OSClass data. This integration can simplify the process of managing classifieds data and enables developers to build applications that provide a better user experience for their clients.

10 RestAPIs for OsClass Classified Mobile App Development

1. Testdome API

The Testdome API within the REST architecture allows the applications to request job applicants from the HR tool plus admittance a candidate statement when they create some skills analysis. Developers can verify including OAuth2. The test done renders automatic skill testing assistance.

TestDome is a platform that provides online skill assessment tests to measure candidates’ technical and cognitive abilities for job interviews. The TestDome API is a programming interface that allows developers to integrate TestDome’s testing functionality into their own HR or recruiting software.

This API enables users to create, retrieve, and manage TestDome tests, questions, categories, and test-takers. It provides tools for test customization and configuration, with options for different question types, time limits, and other parameters to fit the specific needs of each test.

Using the TestDome API, HR managers and recruiters can seamlessly incorporate pre-employment testing into their hiring processes to evaluate the technical proficiencies of job candidates. The API can also assist companies in evaluating employee performance through ongoing testing and skill assessments.

Integration with the TestDome API streamlines the recruitment process by saving time and resources, as HR personnel will no longer need to manually create and grade tests. With the API, everything can be done programmatically, and results can be delivered in real-time, which creates a more efficient and effective hiring process.

2. AdView Feed

AdView’s FeedAPI allows you to determine the situations where you need them to perform with the appearance and quality of your personal website. The FeedAPI signifies a simplistic, lightweight REST API which returns to HTTP applications including JSON or XML.

The AdView Feed API provides you with the content to present job ads within your website plus handles up to 80% command concerning valid clicks also consequences.

It additionally provides detailed reporting approaching each user activity through some personalized dashboard. Furthermore, it is completely customizable plus easy to apply.

3. LostAndFound

The LostAndFound API enables web developers to programmatically locate web-based lost plus found assistance, including reporting plus search abilities. This assistance covers all sorts of unrestricted venues, including terminals, resorts, car apartments, stadiums, eateries, and further.

Users can append their individual venue pages plus utilize them to communicate and present lost plus found data for that area. Alternatively, applicants can recover data from an actual venue page concerning use outside.

The API has several features that can be implemented, including registering and logging in a user, reporting a lost item, reporting a found item, searching for lost items, and managing user profiles.

The API provides tools that allow developers to fine-tune various search parameters, such as item category, location, date of loss or discovery, and keyword. Users can also add photos and specific encounter details to the lost or found item report, enhancing the accuracy and relevance of search results.

4. YClas

YClas API combines classifieds aids within a site. It remains accessible in JSON obligation including API Key. Applicants can integrate classes, locations, character fields ads, plus listings.

Yclas is a free and open-source classifieds software that allows users to create their own classifieds websites. The Yclas API is an application programming interface that enables developers to integrate Yclas functionalities into their web or mobile applications.

The Yclas API provides users with tools to manage and create classified ads, query and retrieve ads, and add user account information to their classified ads. Its features include authentication, CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) functionality, and search engine capability.

One of the main benefits of the Yclas API is the ability to customize and enhance the classifieds website’s functionality beyond the standard features provided by the Yclas platform. With the API, website owners can create custom solutions tailored to their business needs, leverage more functionality, and integrate with multiple third-party tools and services.

The Yclas API has extensive documentation and support to help developers integrate the API into their application, with official SDKs and libraries for the most popular programming languages, including PHP and Python.

5. SmartRecruiters Marketplace

The SmartRecruiters Marketplace API enables developers to include their applications within specific SmartRecruiters staffing policies. The API assistance, SmartRecruiters Inc., proposes customers a series of proprietary organization recruitment answers.

Developers utilizing these RESTful API can choose all or each from the three originator programs – that is, Assessment, Offer, plus Job Board APIs – which have diverse HR recruitment administration functionalities based on the nature of similar marketplace settings.

The SmartRecruiters Marketplace API exists already accomplished being a well-documented, complete release variant that needs token permission for admittance. Its answers to questions are published in JSON.

6. AutoScout24

AutoScout24 API is a custom-built interface that enables software developers and business owners to integrate AutoScout24 functionalities into their own applications. With the AutoScout24 API, application developers can access the platform’s inventory of vehicles, user data, and other content through a standardized interface.

The AutoScout24 API offers a range of functionalities, such as the ability to search for vehicles, view detailed vehicle descriptions, display vehicle images, view and handle offers, and retrieve user profile data. The API is RESTful and offers JSON and XML endpoints.

The API provides a range of authentication methods, including password-based authentication, Access Tokens, and OAuth2. This ensures secure communication between applications and the AutoScout24 platform.

The AutoScout24 API also offers robust capabilities for data filtering and sorting. Developers can customize their queries to return a specific range of data, such as vehicle type, fuel type, or manufacturer. Additionally, the API provides advanced search functionality they can utilize to tailor the data returned to the specific user’s preferences.

Some potential applications for the AutoScout24 API include the creation of third-party apps to search for vehicles, integration with other automotive services or apps, vehicle valuation software, and mobile or web applications for car dealerships.

7. iList

The iList API allows to you reach the eCommerce buying assistance concerning iList classifieds. Through additional classifieds websites, your data remains secured away under a secured database plus you’re prevented if you decide to abrade it.

At Osclass, we’re inebriating at work developing a comprehensive API that makes your iList data accessible.

8. Windows Live Expo

This is a type of assortment which is mainly concerned for the Web services which are empowering the possible clients who can programmatically reach out to the Expo classifieds listings database. It is a group which is based on the location-tagged classifieds listings which also comes under categories similar to the commodities, real estate, vehicles, jobs, including commercial assistance.

9. Slamby

Slamby implies an endorsement categorization stage which features self-regulation, 99% efficiency level, instructions, result filtering, plus document administration. It concentrates on classified ads.

This program is sufficient concerning text analysis plus customer assistance jobs. The Slamby API blends an application through a data management market which assists to improve data interpretation. This API exists REST based, switches data in JSON form, and needs API Keys concerning authentication.

10. Digireality

The Digireality API remains a comprehensive API for controlling your suggestions approaching the server.

It remains a Real Estate Finder concerning the Czech Republic which provides regular searches concerning real estate companies that enable searching plus sorting of suggestions. This incorporates assistance for; addPhoto, addAdvert, and seller, addProject, addVideo and further.

Wrapping Up

In brief, these were the best RestAPIs for OsClass which you need to know right now. These are those APIs which will help function the portal more effectively, and you must check it out if you are a web developer. So, make sure to keep this particular factor in mind and check out the piece of writing above.


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