Retail and B2B Mobile App Development

Retail and B2B Mobile App Development Company

We design and build customary retail and b2b mobile apps for B2B companies and various brands for streamlining in-house B2B processes. If you want to track sales, stocks, logistics easily, and leads with B2B solutions, get associated with us. Get a new gateway to some of the exciting growth prospects that allow you to dominate the industry and get an advantage over your rivals.

We Provide Innovative
Retail and B2B Mobile App Development Services

Enhance your ROI and make a separate nook within B2B mobile ecosystem through our specialized solutions which are customized to specific processes and business models.

B2B eCommerce App Development

B2B Ecommerce App Development

MXI Coders develops B2B eCommerce app that allows the management of B2B multiple vendor stores to get benefitted from a mobile app. So, we offer an app that has important features for making your B2B store work. It is an app where consumers and suppliers can work and includes various customer-focused features.

B2B Sales App Development

b2b sales app development

B2B sales app developed by MXI Coders engages consumers, reduces costs, and allows sales reps to maximize their interactions with important consumers. Through the sales app, your business sales enhance while optimization of the workforce. It helps employees work online and offline by getting access to and synchronizing all required data.

B2B Order Taking App Development

b2b order taking app development

By using the order-taking app, your business starts selling smarter, faster, and more efficiently than before. At the same time, you can also enhance efficiency in this ongoing social and economic climate. Make the best decision for your business by developing a B2B order-taking application through MXI Coders.

B2B Delivery App Development

b2b delivery app development

If you are thinking of building a B2B delivery app for serving you on demand with a suitable online food ordering experience, then MXI Coders is your best partner. We offer the best solutions as our developer has several years of experience in various business models.

B2B App Marketplace Development

b2b marketplace development

We help add value to your business and empower clients by offering B2B marketplace apps realistically to align with your business goals and fulfill end users’ expectations.

B2B Trading App Development

b2b trading app development

MXI Coders is a leading company that builds inventive mobile apps offering flawless user experience. Using all recent tools, frameworks, and SDKs, we develop solutions that solve all industry-specified challenges and transform an organization’s functions.


Hire Team of Mobile App Developers for Quality Work

Our experienced team of expert mobile app developers and designers create custom, feature-rich, user-friendly apps that provide tangible value to your business.

We understand the importance of creating an app with intuitive interface and user experience, so our developers utilize advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), Machine Learning (ML) and more to ensure the highest quality outcomes.

With our hire mobile app developer service, you can be sure to trust in our team of experts to deliver a product that meets your exact specifications.

Additionally, we are dedicated to providing you with top-notch customer support throughout the entire development process, ensuring that any questions or concerns you may have are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Technologies We Use for
Retail and B2B Mobile App Development

We use all recent B2B mobile app development technologies and processes to deliver the best services.

Ruby and Rail

Delivered Hundreds of
Retail and B2B Mobile App Development Projects




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Retail and B2B Mobile App Development Page FAQs

Many factors are considered for estimating the final expenses of a B2B mobile application. These include development platform, app complexity, various app categories, features added, and functionalities.
The time required for developing a B2B app also relies on many factors. From how complex the app is to what types of features and functionalities you require in the app, developers consider many factors while figuring out how much time it will take.
Yes, we assist. If you already have a B2B application, our developers can help bring in the changes you require in your application.
B2B applications allow collaboration, effectiveness, communication, and analytics, all of which assist in optimizing business operations. With such apps, you can easily accomplish any task, offering you the latest business method.

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