Rostering, Attendance and Timesheet Web & Mobile Application


An application is used to monitor the attendance and movement of employees. It facilitates to access the attendance information of a particular employees. Furthermore,employee can add leave for future and able to see past leave and check in/out time too. Also manage sales forecasting too where Store and Business owner can see performance of the employees.

General Web Specification

  1. User friendly Admin Panel
  2. User friendly Search Engine Optimization
  3. Create Roster for each department
  4. Leave Management
  5. Secure Payment Gateway
  6. Browser Compatibility
  7. Mobile Compatibility
  8. Role Based View Dashboard
  9. Employee Management
  10. Searching facility
  11. Manage Module
  12. To buy extra module facility for installing
  13. Either Current and Yearly or monthly leave to see and manage
  14. Responsive Design

General Features for Mobile Application

  1. Employee is able to see his Leave
  2. Check In & Check Out time of employees
  3. Able to see time off request
  4. Resignation
  5. Upload documents
  6. Able to manage Employee Payroll
  7. Access to add time after entering code
  8. Daily Sales reports

Specific Features for User Type

Users Type

  1. Admin
  2. Store or Business Owner
  3. Employee

Admin Dashboard

As admin have rights to manage sales activity and user groups too.Admin can some modules like clock in/out, cash,roster,time off or leave and employee payroll. Also manage daily based sales, document and resignation of the employees.

Followings are basic features for admin:

  1. Dashboard showing all informations
  2. User friendly Search Engine Optimization
  3. Manage CMS for application
  4. Secure Payment Gateway
  5. Manage Store Owners using User Groups
  6. Manage Stores
  7. Manage User Groups
  8. Manage Categories using enable/ disable (Add/Edit/Update)
  9. Manage Department using enable/ disable (Add/Edit/Update)
  10. Manage Email Format


Store or Business Owner Dashboard

  1. Dashboard showing all informations
  2. Fast and Easy Time Tracking with Employee
  3. Ease to Create User Stores
  4. User Groups
  5. Ease to allocate Department with Store types
  6. Installed modules given in list by purchasing and request for new models too.
  7. Sales Forecasting
  8. Employee Management
  9. Employee can add weekly leave and able to see for current week leave
  10. Employee can add yearly leave and able to manage it
  11. Employee can add and delete leave for particular weeks and yearly
  12. Smarter Schedules
  13. Ease to change Store by drop down list and click on button of Change Store


Employees Dashboard

  1. Dashboard showing all information
  2. User can create Manager Access who is able to add new employees
  3. Employee can see his information
  4. Employee can see his Roster (Attendance & Current Status of Attendance)
  5. Employee Management where employee can see weekly and yearly leave of employees
  6. Search with specified keywords
  7. Role Based Views (Admin /Employee)
  8. Employee can see Employee Management module if business owner give rights for it’s.
  9. Ease to change Store by drop down list and click on button of Change Store


Technical Specification for Web Application

  • PHP(Version 5.6.23)
  • Codeigniter 2.0
  • MySql(Version 5.5.51-38.2)

Technical Specification for Mobile Application

  1. Android Studio or Eclipse
  2. Core-Java for Native Android
  3. Web-Services , RestAPI in JSON
  4. iPhone App Development with XCODER & Cocoa or Objective C as programing language

Device Compatibility, OS Versions

  1. Smartphones with Android
  2. Tablets with Android
  3. iPhone with OSX 10 or latest
  4. iPad with latest OSX


1) Admin

Username : admin

Password :mxi123

2) Store / Business Owner

Username : [email protected]

Password : Password :mxi123

3) Employees [email protected]

Username :

Password : Password :mxi123

Demo for iOS / iPhone / ipad Apps:

Check In-Out App :

Roster & Timesheet for Employees :

SmartPhone App for Android Platform :

Check in-Out App for Attendance :

Roster & Time sheet for Employees :

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