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Mobile Application Development Process, an Overview:

Mobile technology has made the way of life most convenient today, routine activities have been facilitated and happening quickly with a finger tips such as travelling, banking, game, communication and most importantly mobile applications are playing a prominent role in online business also, that’s why app industry is emerging so rapidly.

Due to mobile technology, magical things are happening, different kind of applications now a days has put human life million years ahead and this is the reason of describing mobile application development process here. So let’s have a look that how mobile app development process takes place. if you are using native Kotlin or Java for mobile app development , check out Using Jetpack Navigation Component In Android or Kotlin Clean Architecture



Application Development Process:

Inception Stage: Every process starts with an idea, in app development inception stage is all about defining and refining idea of an app. Certain things has to be considered before app development like there is lot of apps or similar apps are available in app store then how your app will be different from others? What value will it bring to users? Why users will care about your application? And then after you can determine features and functionalities of your app.

Designing Stage: This stage is all about to frame your ideas in form of features and functionalities of an app with user experience and user interface practice. User experience (UX) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability and accessibility.


 Mobile Application Development Company UK
Mobile Application Development Company UK

UX is done by wireframes or mockups using tools like Balsamiq, Mockingbird and Visio etc. While user interface (UI) makes user’s interaction as simple and efficient as possible with product. It focuses on elements which are easy to access, understand and facilitate to use.

Development Stage: This is programming and coding phase where focus is only on the engineering of an app. Certain set up is require for storage solutions, databases, APIs, and servers for the backend of application.

At this stage the client will be in touch constantly to update the progress of application as coding is an expensive process so stakeholder must be informed in order to minimize the possibility of mistakes.

Testing Phase: This is very important stage in development cycle, different type of testing tools are used to fix bugs and improve the quality of app. Functionality and performance of an app are tested as per standard.

UAT Testing: This is the kind of test where application is given in the hands of the users who are targeted audience and once it passes the UAT test you know that the solution which you are providing is practically works.

Beta Testing: Beta trial means make app available for open participation of people to test it. The feedback from these users will help to determine if app’s functions are working well in the real world of application.

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Deployment Stage: This is the final step of the application development cycle. Now your app is ready to be released to the market after going through the rigorous development and testing period. This time is to make the final preparation of launching new application.

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This article is about mobile application development process. It has introduced general aspects of building mobile application and defined different stages, specific considerations including design, testing, and deployment.

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