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If you run an Magento ecommerce website i.e. if you sell products and/or services through your website your site must have a proper payment gateway. MXICoders can help you by developing the right kind of payment gateway for your site. Different sites require different kinds of payment gateways depending on the kind of business they are representing. We can do the job for you irrespective of the kind of business you are running. Below we have discussed about some of the payment gateway setup we have created for our clients to date.

Subscription Payment Setup - Payment Gateway   Solution And Integration

Do you want to provide your potential and existing customers the opportunity to choose form weekly, biweekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly paid subscription options? If yes, then our experts can build payment gateway for your website that can support such options. It’s up to you how many options you offer to your customers. Most of our clients prefer keeping three to four paid subscription options; if you want you can stick to that or opt for less or more.

Classes Payment Setup

Do you run classes for students of different levels and accept payment through your official website? Are you an online tutor who communicates with students virtually through an online platform? In both cases, we can help you by creating the right payment gateway for your site.

Recurring Payment Setup

Often regular customers prefer using recurring payment option. So, every popular ecommerce website should have that option ready for its customers. MXICoders have experts, who can develop recurring payment setup for your site according to your exact needs.

Payment Options We Can Integrate

We can integrate all payment options in your site’s payment setup: examples include debit card, credit card, wire transfer, COD (cash on delivery) and so on. Here also, you will be the one who will decide which options you want to make available to your customers.

Magento Ecommerce Site Setup for Mobile

We can create applications for you that will allow you to manage your  magneto ecommerce web store on mobile devices. The apps we develop allow business owners to enjoy flawless accessibility, navigation and optimization of their websites on mobile devices. With these apps, business owners will be able to offer customers simple and effective shopping experience. We built apps for all platforms, for instance Windows, Android, iOS and so on. Some of the features of these apps include:

  • Voice search feature for finding desired products
  • Option of marking a category of products and/or services as favourite
  • Sharing details of a product and/or service via social networking sites or email
  • Wish list creation and more



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