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B2B Marketplace

The best way of describing B2B marketplace would be as the interactive online directory through which vendors representing a particular country or industry can present their products. This technique helps in creating useful resources for all oversees buyers. MXICoders offer software platforms for building such websites or online directories and customise them according to the needs of different clients. Additionally, we offer highly comprehensive community management solutions for monitoring communications and checking vendor details. 

How we work?

MXICoders’ B2B integration solutions work by automating business processes that are shared with different trading partners. We develop these solutions with the goal of automating the entire business procedure, which includes steps like buying, selling, paying and shipping. These steps not only include use of a series of documents that are related to the person (or business) buying or selling the products/services, but also involve paperwork on behalf of different 3rd party logistic (3PL) companies and banks. Solutions provided by MXICoders automate all these procedures and help in maintaining transparency in the method of sharing processes and data with the external entities. 

B2B solutions we offer

Cloud services: MXICoders securely creates connection between companies and quickly build partner communities for these companies using strategically made cloud solutions. Our cloud solutions are always supported by expert services for managing different B2B operations for driving growth, accelerating ROI and gaining greater control.

Gateway and transformation engines: The gateway and transformation engines offered by MXICoders allow prompt B2B integration through secure routing, translation and orchestration. 
Process applications: At MXICoders, process applications for B2B integration are always pre-defined. It would be better to call these solutions as pre-packaged solutions. These solutions work by speeding up the process of implementing B2B business procedures with the external partners, for simplifying IT complexity, reducing risk and increasing competitive advantage. 
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