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Minimum Viable Product Development

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About Minimum Viable Product

Startups, fresh founders, new entrepreneurs, visionaries and product owners, every one banks on MXICoders’ Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development services. With our verified processes, experienced and trusted developers and customer centric consulting with our customers, we create an edge over our competitors in providing this service.

MVP Framework

We recognize our client’s product and back it up with our expert ideas, by concretize the idea on a paper
Our expert designers create an extremely performing reciprocal prototype, to provide a visual format of the idea.
Build & Launch!
Build & Launch!
Using robust technology, our expert agile team fabricates an eminent product which is ready to launch

Advantages of MVP Approach

Validate Early

The early launch provides an appropriate feedback from the market, helping control the product evolution.

Launch Faster

Building a prototype with core features; helps solve explicit product issues, resulting in an effective visibility in the market.

Save Money

Inculcating the necessary features only, helps save a lot of money and time, on pilot projects especially.

Elements of a Typical

MVP Production

Product Owner
Product Owner
Serves as a doppelganger for the team
Scrum Master
Scrum Master
Focuses on production
Technical Architect
Technical Architect
Classify’s, Executes and scrutinizes technical design
UI Designer
UI Designer
Interprets UX into substantial UI assets
Tech Leads
Tech Leads
Technical connoisseurs translating the prototype into a workable product
Experts who develop the main product
Scrutinizes the product for bugs and errors from the grass-root level
Infrastructure Specialists
Infrastructure Specialists
Enforces, Audits and cultivates backend infrastructure

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