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International Money Transfer Solutions

Money Transfer or Money Exchange Solutions

Advancement of technologies and urbanization make people to go beyond boundaries. For such modern civilization money transfer and exchange solutions have become more popular way for safe payments globally. However, needs for money exchange would be varied from business to business and person to person. Thus, people are looking for something which can meet and greet all types of money transfer requirements.

At MxiCoders, you will be provided with expert resources and professional assistant to design and develop money transfer and exchange solutions as you want. There are many things to consider when it comes to design and development of money transfer and exchange application. Our expert team can provide below services;

  • Role Base Authentication
  • Transaction history
  • Money Exchange transaction
  • Agent-user Base user personal Dashboards
  • Site design with Logo
  • Admin panel design
  • Role Base Admin support Dashboard
  • E-wallet
  • Currency Exchange converter
  • Fees calculation and admin support

Online Money Transfer Solutions:

Safety and Security at Top

Being a professional web design and development company we can understand the importance of safety and security associated with money exchange solutions. Below is the list of security measures provided by us to ensure safe and secure money transfer and browsing experience for users.

  • Server Side Security
  • Front End Security
  • Backend Security
  • Code Level Security
  • Payment Gateway Security

Well Defined User and Registration Process And Transfer Money Online:

Different users have varied roles having different responsibilities which will be defined and crafted seamlessly by MxiCoders. Below types of users will be covered by our experts such as:

Register User: He/She will be provided with personal dashboard, access to personal details, transaction history and able to update details easily.

Unregister Users: They can do money transfer only by using given special code. It is considered as an identity number by admin to identify the user.

Super Agent: This role given to the person who is dealing with the money transfer from agent to agent or customer to customer in a country.

Agent: It is the responsible person indulging in receiving and delivering funds.

Super Admin: Administrator who will keep an eye on entire content management system and transactions.

Admin (Technical): Server, hosting and other technical issues will be managed by technical admin.

Admin (Account): Transaction history of users and website history will be taken care of by admin account.

Admin (Problem Solutions): All issues related to website and transaction will be resolved by this admin.

Our experts have thorough knowledge of such users and their privileges and thus will create appropriate backend system which can help users to play their role with great ease.

Currency Exchange Convertor

Being a money transfer and exchange solution provider service, it is essential to provide a facility called currency exchange convertor. It helps users to get an idea about rates that will apply on each transaction. Our dedicated designers and developers will integrate simple but advanced UX and UI to ensure greater user friendly experience.

Payment Gateway Set Up

Ways of transactions can be varied from users to users. Thus, we will integrate different payment gateway modes to enable transactions by cash, cheque, bank account and credit cards.

Accounting Feature

This feature will be integrated to manage all applicable fees on transactions. Fees can be applied with vary rates on local and international transactions which will be managed with great ease by this accounting feature. Admin can handle it in the backend.

Easy to Navigate Content Management System

Our developers can create easy to use dashboard for admin to manage content, membership, transaction, reports, users, packages and payment. Everything will be created from user’s point of view for better and successful conversions and transactions.

In brief, we have team of experts to work on your money transfer and exchange product ensuring desirable outcome and quality within given deadlines.

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