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RFID Solutions

What Is RFID?

RFID is the abbreviated version of radio frequency identification. RFID solutions involve use of small electronic devices, which come equipped with an antenna and a tiny chip. This tiny chip on most occasions possesses the ability of holding data of up to 2,000 bytes. MXICoders provides its customers with the most comprehensive RFID solutions that one can expect to get on the market today.

RFID devices have the same functions as that of bar codes or magnetic strips that we find on the back of our ATM card or credit card. In other words, a RFID device plays the role of unique identifier for the object it is linked to. Like the magnetic strips and bar codes, RFID devices must also be scanned for retrieval of identifying information.

Why We Are Recommending Using RFID Instead of Bar Codes?

The area where RFID devices defeat other methods discussed above most convincingly is flexibility. You will not need to position a RFID device exactly on the scanner for it to show results. One of the common problems people face when leaving stores is when checkout clerks find it difficult to get the barcodes of the products read. Magnetic strips also are not at all flexible; due to this reason, ATM cards and credit cards need to be swiped on a specially designed reader.

RFID devices, on the other hand, can work even when away from the scanner. Our RFID solutions involve use of high frequency units, which work even when 20 ft away from the scanner.

If you own a store or any other retail business, we would suggest you to opt for RFID devices for providing your customers with better buying experience. Products equipped with RFID devices can be scanned together. As a customer, one will just need to put the bag filled with his/her purchases on the scanner. That’s it; the scanner will query every RFID device together and calculate the total payable amount immediately.

We Are the Most Trusted RFID Solutions Provider

RFID technology is nothing new. It is available for over 50 years. However, earlier the world didn’t know the process of manufacturing RFID devices. Even today, there are not many companies that can produce RFID devices of high frequencies. This makes the RFID solutions provided by MXICoders special. We always make high frequency devices and thus our customer base for this solution includes some of the biggest names on the retail industry.

If you run a store or a retail outlet, we can offer you the most comprehensive RFID solutions. We can confidently say this as our company is represented by extremely talented and highly qualified RFID experts. These professionals are veterans of the field and to date have served hundreds of customers. 

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