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Utility software programs are system software developed for helping analysing, configuring, optimising or maintaining computers. These programs typically focus on the operation of computer infrastructure (this includes data storage, operating system computer hardware and software).

Different Categories of Utility Software

Below are some utility software types developers at MXICoders can provide you with:

Antivirus: This utility type is used to scan computers for viruses.

Backup software: They are meant for making copies of data stored on disks and restoring either the files selected by you or the disk as a whole.

Archivers: These utilities output a single or a stream of files when they get a set or directory of files. They are different from archive suites and generally do not come with the ability of data encryption or compression.

Data checkers: Utilities for scanning operating hard drives.

Disk cleaners: Useful for locating files which are not required for computer operations or are occupying too much space. This utility type allows users to determine which files they should delete when the hard disk of their computer if full.

File manager: The file managers help by providing a convenient way to perform regular data management jobs; examples of tasks file managers do include renaming, uncataloguing, cataloguing, deleting, copying, moving, merging, modifying and generating data sets.

Network utilities: They are used for analysing the network connectivity of your computer, configuring network settings and checking log events or data transfer.

System monitors: They are used for monitoring the performance and resources of computer systems.

System profilers: They will provide you with detailed information regarding all hardware attached and software installed in your computer.

Hex editors: They help in directly modifying data or text in a file (the file in question can be a program or data).

Billing utilities: They will help you in creating vouchers and bills and performing different accounting jobs seamlessly. 

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