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System Level Programming C++, C#

We perform the study, the design, the development and maintaining of software written in C, C + +, C sharp (C #). Net, Java or assembly systems Windows XP/Vista/2003/2000/NT/CE, Unix / Linux and embedded systems. We manage and use technology for all the clients across the globe.

Our service Are System Level Programming C#, C++

  • Control commands and supervision of complex machinery

  • Process real-time multitasking

  • Front-end databases (SQL Server, Access, Oracle, MySQL)

  • Management and data processing

  • Client / server architecture

  • Data Networks and Telecommunications (TCPIP, ATM, X25)

  • Vector graphics and mapping (display, zoom, GPS positioning, route calculation)

  • Industrial networks (GPIB, HPIB, VXI, FACTOR )

  • Development of COM / DCOM (ActiveX) components

  • Device drivers

  • Porting Windows applications XP/Vista/2003/2000

A unique experience on substantial projects (thousands of hours) guaranteeing quality services on functional plans, documentaries and project monitoring:

  • Non-destructive testing and repair in nuclear power plants

  • Telecommunications

  • Defense

Why Choose Python System Level Programming ?

MXI coders are software solutions specializing in IT security traceability and secure access to corporate information system. We offer a range of hardware and Software Company which controls the internal and external network access servers as well as business applications, and to trace user actions to privilege, in accordance with the new standards. The MXI coders Offers Python System Level Programming  are based on years of experience in traceability tool. This is a solution that does not require installation of specific agents on the equipment and is easily integrated into the customer information system.

Within the young and dynamic team, organized around agile values, you exchange with the product manager and technical leaders. After contact with the environment and the range of products, your mission, if you l accepts it, will participate in the development of our product: MySQL backend to web interface through the core in Twisted, you program in Python and versatile you will be!

We are a full service online agency and software company. We develop modern and efficient websites and web applications based on the latest technologies, as well as on behalf of customers online marketing strategies that work.

Python Web Development And Python System Level Programming

Python is a powerful language, object-oriented, perfectly suited to the majority of the development work applications and graphical interfaces. To develop Web services, dynamic websites connected to databases, applications manipulating XML data or software federating various existing applications, Python is indeed one of the best solutions currently available, both in terms of performance and efficiency.

This course takes place over half a day and is intended for project managers and developers to make the choice of a web platform on the basis of which to develop a web application in Python. This seminar will explore the advantages and disadvantages of the most successful solutions in this area.

Following the training, participants without knowing all the technical details of tools on display, will be able to have a critical look at existing solutions.

Java suffers from heaviness incompatible with the prototyping of web application. Indeed we mean by prototyping, and rapidly build an application that is in this case in web mode. Java requires a robust architecture but incompatible with a rapid development. It thus requires "packager" application in a war deployed in a container (eg Tomcat). Java simply lack of agility compared to php for web development. Php is too much for web oriented and will not adapt well when mounted in power. Indeed, how to share the code with the rich object paradigm or how to run code outside of a web context? That Java offers it all.

Python can be an alternative that offers the better of two worlds: the power of object maintainability, reuse and rapid prototyping with a scripting language. This is what mod python proposes adding to apache server the ability to execute python code. MXI coders offer System level programming C#, C++ and Python System Level Programming for your websites and webapplication using Server Programming languages ??Python or PHP .

We use them in conjunction with various frameworks like Django ,Cakephp , while respecting an object-oriented approach and following the design pattern (MVC) for scalable and robust projects.

Here are some advantages over the use of frameworks:

  • start on solid foundations

  • develop the necessary features (Speed ??Development)

  • code quality

  • flexibility

  • modularity

The technologies which are used by our team members:

  • Postgre SQL, OO Perl, Django, GIT, Pinax, CSS, Zope, Bitkeeper, Satchmo and web2py

  • HTML, JavaScript, MSSQL server 2005, Celery, ASP, IIS 6.0, Tastypie, SOAP, XML Fabric and Pylint and

  • Apache, Linux, nginx, Windows 2003 server Active Directory, and GAE

Why choose MXI coders for System Level Programming Using C# - C++ and Python?

We consistently pursue an interdisciplinary and agile approach. Professional web application development, we consider as teamwork, in which our experts from the departments online marketing , web interface design , web programming and system administration hand in hand to work together to ensure successful on the market website or web application is created.

In our development process we rely on modern, agile process models and the most advanced and powerful technologies and tools that has the current web development to offer. In this way we give our customers a competitive advantage in the market and help them to be successful on the web.

Our experts are also available as a consultant and trainer. At our sister institution, they offer open seminars on a variety of topics related to Internet, web development and e-commerce.

Service by us 

  • Hiring MXI coders is the best solution as we cater to all the choices of Python development.

  • Customized and effective web solutions

  • Quick and fastest turnaround time

  • Expert and proficient team members as Python professionals

  • Maintainability and Flexibility

  • Cost effective and affordable web development applications and solutions

  • reliable and Efficient services

MXI coders use the services is to use a team of experts at your disposal can design for you the best solution based on your needs and innovative techniques that will be the future everyday life in the permanent concern for quality .

Since its inception, MXI coders ‘policy has been to use technology not as an end in itself but as a material to meet needs. Therefore was created very quickly the centre of expertise bringing together experts from different backgrounds, able to produce solutions to meet difficult or unusual problems.

If it acts as a bridge between the world of research and the latest technical innovations and the world of industry, competence centre not care less industrial approach ensuring compliance costs and delays in the design and implementation of software or during services.With the backing of the competence centre is able to offer its clients high quality services.

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