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DApp Development Company or DApp future for application development

Decentralized applications, also known as dApps are nowadays becoming all the more lucrative and beneficial for developers in all parts of the world. While the traditional applications are built on platforms such as Android and iOS, the dApps connect developers and users directly without any need for some middleman to manage and host the user data and coding information. No permission is needed for building a dApp. There is also no centralized group of individuals or company involved with the process that can suddenly alter the rules of such a platform. Currently there are more than 1000 dApps that are built on Ethereum, one of the leading dApp platforms in the world.

The backend code of a dApp is run on an integrated decentralized P2P network. This is sharply in contrast to an app whose backend code is functioning on a group of centralized servers. The frontend code of a dApp can be written in any kind of programming language , SOLODITY , C++ is preferred,  which makes API calls for its backend. Additionally, the frontend of a dApp can be effectively hosted on some decentralized storage system such as IPFS.

Technical overview & Requirements

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MetaMask , Chrome , Ethereum

You may thinking of required very high configuration servers as DApp based on blockchain development but no this is not required high-end servers.

  • Get A Good Cloud Server
  • Setup Ethereum Private Blockchain network
  • Test Blockchain Works by typing geth -version , geth geth –nousb –networkid 85852 –syncmode full –identity LocalLinux –maxpeers 5 –rpc –rpcaddr localhost  –rpcport 8545 –rpcapi ‘eth,net,web3,db,admin,personal’ , –ws ,–wsaddr localhost,–wsport 8546, –wsapi ‘web3,eth,net,db,admin,personal’ –rpccorsdomain ‘*’ –port 30303 , Or geth attach ipc:/mxicoders.ethereum/geth.ipc
  • NODE JS 9.0+ with Node Package Manage & Forever Services
  • Good Understanding about C or C++ Programming Languages including Structures , Constructors , Members and Events
  • Blockchain development is easy to program but very hard for debuging and testing and performance etc …..

Why Blockchain?

  • Privacy
  • Decentralized data storage so data will be synchronized in different data or blockchain servers for same networkID and channel
  • Machine Level Langauge for Storage and no database or levelDB
  • Directly Reference to the Memory location for accessing data
  • No one can decrypt data stored in the Blockchain
  • Blockchain development is Fun
  • No need to hire different skill profesionals as maximum part of data manipulation will be handled


The main difference between dApp development and traditional app development

One of the main differences between the processes of dApp development and the traditional app development methods is the overall stringency by when the app development code has to be scrutinized before the app can be approved for production. Typically, dApp development works more like standard hardware development compared to software development in such regards. When it comes to hardware development, a lot of prototyping and testing has to be done by the development team before such a product can be presented to the end users. If there is any issue with the hardware, it can take a lot of money to fix it. Moreover, it also takes a lot of time to remedy the issue and it can eventually tarnish the market reputation of the product manufacturer. Similarly, in case of dApp development, it is not possible to change the smart contract once it has been effectively launched for production. If there is a bug within the smart contract, it can lead to loss of users’ funds as well as ruin the market reputation of dApp developers.    

Compared to dApp development projects, a traditional app development focuses on maintaining fast iteration cycles to cater to the needs of the clients. Any client hiring the services of an app development company would want to have the product ready at the shortest possible duration while at the same time maintain highest quality parameters. It is due to this reason traditional app development companies focus on building minimum viable products,MVP, have people test the functioning of the product, and then release the updated versions from time to time while maintaining short time gap between two versions. While traditional apps focus on making the maximum impact by keeping the developmental phase short, it is not exactly the best idea to have the same approach with dApp development.

The DApp future for application development

With an ever increasing number of companies focusing on DApp application development, experts believe that such apps are likely to enjoy greater applications in the near future. Here are some of the segments in which we can expect DApp application development to expand in the near future.

Ecommerce platforms or Decentralized Marketplaces

Currently Blockchain technology coexists with cryptocurrency for creating a new and highly financial system wherein central banking literally has no power. In this system all kinds of transactions are managed on P2P network. Decentralized marketplaces have to be present in order for the dApp market to grow and sustain. It is one of the main aspects of gaining mainstream popularity for dApps as well as Ethereum based networks.  

A decentralized marketplace offers optimum security and freedom associated with peer to peer networks. This means that there is no need of a middleman. These can facilitate use and trading of cryptocurrency for buying goods and services which is an end goal for the concept. Moreover, there is no requirement for third party payment gateways such as PayPal; one can conveniently make payments directly. All accounts are effectively tied to cryptokeys which means that the users are no longer dependant on account holders for holding or transferring money. It also makes up for a more streamlined marketplace that comes with enhanced security and requiring less work on user end.

Social media

Social media networks are used extensively nowadays for maintaining communication across the world. Messaging apps are used for managing most of the conversations held during each day. However, with net neutrality as well as online politics of various CEOs effectively undermining the purity of such benefits, dApps are presenting with Blockchain-based alternatives for such services.

The growth and expansion of cryptocurrencies greatly depend on easy sharing and exchanging of Bitcoins and other digital currencies. Currently social media companies do not offer complete freedom to their users as they greatly control the user accounts and platforms. However, with the help of dApp solutions, it is possible to create open source and non anonymous social media platforms which can very well determine the future of how people choose to stay in touch with one another.

Crypto-collectible games

Blockchain technology also offers exciting new potentials for the world of gaming. With dApp development, it is possible to create virtual worlds and associated social spaces focused on gaming. In fact, such avenues can expand infinitely with the help of dApp technology. Many games that their own player-driven economy can enjoy get a boost of new life with Blockchain. Efficient integration into pre-existing gaming system and ease of use can bring down the barriers of entry, thereby increasing active player base for a game. With dApps, it would be also possible to blend gaming, collecting and gambling opportunities.

Many games depend greatly on sharing and trading with friends. However, free time constraints often make it difficult for such games to find greater popularity. By implementing Blockchain technology with gaming, it is possible to facilitate trade and have greater number of eager gamers to associate with a particular gaming concept.  


Hire Best Blockchain Developer

if you are looking for get a ethereum blockchain developer or C++ blockchain developer then you must prepare interview question and answers for blockchain developers

  • how to setup private ethereum blockchain ?
  • what is genesis.json file ?
  • list key parameters to identity private ethereum blockchain channel or network from different decentralized blockchain servers ?
  • how to use admin.nodeInfo or admin.addPeer to connect two running nodes to get started synchronization ?
  • why  is miner.start() always returns null?
  • what is meaning of miner.start(1) ?
  • what is difference between web3  version 0.2 and web3 version ?
  • How to use Ethereum wallet address as primary key to identify particular records stored?
  • what is the purpose of mapping keywords in blockchain SOLODITY smart Contract ?
  • Why are events to be invoked with keyword indexed ?
  • how will you fix miner.start() function not found error in nodeJS code ?
  • why is testing blockchain DApp more important before deploy or final launch ?
  • is MVP possible for Blockchain ?
  • More questions or need answer then contact us directly

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