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Online Video Streaming

A multibillion dollar market expected to reach the demand of US$73.90 Billion by 2024.

About Video Streaming App

The days of televisions are coming to an end, believe it or not, this fact is enormously true. Video streaming apps in support with high speed internet on phone is now the trend of 21 st century and this is going to be the future. Big players in the marketplace are already investing massive amount of capital into video streaming app development. We, at MXICoders provide influential app development services that have the ability to stream sports, live TV, web series, etc.

How do we work in

video streaming apps development?

Live video streaming functionality embedded with multiple in-built features is a huge threat to the television industry. The uniqueness of demanding apps like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and Amazon Prime has attracted numerous users, which has diverted huge investments in development of similar video applications.

Our team of Video App Developers helps our clients to choose the kind of features they would need in their applications. Our experienced developers make use of their skills and ideas, in support with the latest technologies and techniques and work towards delivering an absolute video streaming application.

Few features that we usually embed within the application are Personal profile, local storage usage, registration option, disruptive video streaming, video sharing, privacy settings, push notifications, watchlist management, search options, submitting reviews, etc. According to the requirement, these features can be tailored at any given occasion.

Live video streaming

Why we providing dynamic

onlive streaming app solution?

Video Streaming app like YouTube
Video Streaming app like YouTube

Watch latest updates, news, biographies, etc. with an amazing feature of offline downloads.

Video streaming app like Vimeo
Video streaming app like Vimeo

Enjoy videos streaming in 4K and HD quality without ads with flexible storage space.

Video Streaming app like Netflix
Video Streaming app like Netflix

Enjoy watching movies and TV series on desktop, game console, TV and Smartphone.

Video Streaming app like Hulu
Video Streaming app like Hulu

Hulu allows the users to watch episodes of old and new TV series in one app.

Live video streaming apps like amazon
Live video streaming apps like amazon

Best option for a Bollywood and selective Hollywood lover.

TV streaming apps
TV streaming apps

Various applications that will allow a user to watch live shows and daily soaps online.

Latest video stream apps

Video streaming is the future and to fulfill this demand MXICoders brings the best team of developers to the marketplace to offer fabulous video app development services.

Enjoy eminent content streaming with Netflix. Users can start from where the video was left and absolutely zero buffering. Paid subscribers have the liberty to watch commercial free content.
Amazon Video
Amazon Video
Amazon Prime Video is the best app for Bollywood lovers. Watch latest movies, documentaries, videos, TV Soaps round the clock. Prime subscription offer commercial free watching.
Hulu offers all TV stuff at once place, on one device. Add-ons like Starz, Cinemax, Showtime and HBO can be made available.
A trendy app for streaming used for broadcasting digital videos. Twitch offers its viewers to watch everything from occasional TV series, talk shows, music, artwork creation, etc.

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