How to Hire a Full stack Blockchain Software Developer for DeFi, Metaverse, or AI Projects

Behind every extremely good, feature-rich, and high-end application, there is a skilled software developer. The skills and expertise that s/he brings to the table are what made quality-oriented application development possible. This is a fact regardless of the type of software or application built in the process. Businesses that managed to decode the art and science of hiring full-stack developers have nothing to worry about. In this post, we have covered the important points to keep in mind while hiring full stack Blockchain software developer for complex projects based on DeFi, metaverse, and AI. 

What is Fullstack Blockchain Software Development?

Before we take a deep dig on the markers of upright full stack Blockchain software developer, let’s understand what it is all about. 

With full-stack development, we refer to handling both the front and back end development via a single source. Every software/application development involves front-end and back-end development. 

Front-end development deals with designing the client-side visual elements like webpage, widgets, navigation, UI, dashboards, and so on. On the other hand, the back-end deals with core technical functions like API designing and coding. 

When both these verticals of application designing are handled simultaneously and single-handled, it’s known as full-stack development.

Full-stack developers are expertise in database servers, version controls, API, UI elements, hosting ecosystems. And other aspects too to meet end-to-end requirements. It is an easy way to achieve consistency and quality in software development . Thus, keeping the overheads in control, full-stack development is becoming a mainstream trend. 

Blockchain is budding technology enjoying continued demand with each passing day. But, the market is facing a huge dearth of skilled Blockchain developers . Because its development is different from customary application development.

In the case of Blockchain, full-stack developments involve having an understanding of core Blockchain and Blockchain software development. Core development involves constructing the security framework and basic architecture of the application. It’s like creating the base upon which further development will take place. 

Using the basic infrastructure, handled in core development, the Blockchain software developer completes the subsequent development process. 

Fullstack Blockchain Software Development

Dependency Inevitable

In the times of low-code/no-code development, pre-made templates, and other resources, one might likely think why hire a full-stack Blockchain developer? 

Can’t it be done as a DIY project when so much community support and open-resource assistance is offered? 

Well, the answer is ‘no’. You can manage to create a webpage, website, blog, and even a mobile app as DIY, using the guidance and aid offered on the internet. But, Blockchain development is different. 

There is no shortcut to take. The coding and building DAPPs for Blockchain applications are step-by-step and thoroughly. 

Even if you use pre-built resources, however, it is generally not recommended, you must have a thorough understanding of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. 

As Blockchain applications involve decentralized payment processing, the security framework needed to be extra strong and robust. 

Depending upon the industry which uses Blockchain applications, certain distinct features, and data utilization needs to be careful. 

All these reasons are enough to explain that Blockchain app development is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need experts for the job. Hence, you’re bound to depend on hiring full-stack Blockchain developers if excellent apps are what you’re looking for. 

Sources for Hire Best Software Engineers

Full stack Blockchain Software Developer

Now, the next doubt that usually bothers all of us is whether to have in-house developers or outsource them. 

Well, experts say outsourcing is a better choice to make as: 

  • It expands the technology and expertise reach. You can hire developers of diverse skills. 
  • For hiring skilled software developers or engineers for Blockchain projects involving DeFi, metaverse, and AI, the trusted sources are: 

Online Marketplaces 

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, People per Hour, and TopTal are the hub of assorted talent. There is hardly any sort of expertise that you won’t spot on these platforms. You’ll be astonished to find exceptionally outstanding Blockchain developers on these platforms. 

With this option, you’ve got the freedom to pay as per the project requirement, take multiple skills on board, and save huge. 

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However, there are certain challenges as well. For instance, it’s hard to verify the expertise of the developers as they are remotely placed. Also, there is a high chance of ditching. Project progress tracking is also difficult. Even though these platforms have enforced stringent quality measures, loopholes are always there. It’s a hit-and-trial method consuming too much time till you find the right developer. 

3rd party services or outsourcing companies 

To get rid of the hassles of online marketplaces while enjoying all the promises, it’s wise to go with 3rd party services or outsourcing service providers. They are the one-stop solutions for all sorts of Blockchain development needs. They have a team of dedicated full-stack Blockchain developers skilled in all sorts of development aspects and technologies. 

Whether you want to develop a metaverse-based app or a DeFi solution, you will always find the best and most skilled full-stack Blockchain developer with trusted partners like MXICoders. With such service providers, you have the freedom to hire Blockchain developers in a full-time or part-time model. 

Onboarding Process

Whether you hire an in-house developer or outsource developers as your project needs evolve, there is a certain hiring protocol to follow if you want to take the best talent on board. Here is what we meant. 

  • Job Post – Do a professional job posting on various platforms. For in-house hiring, you can take the place of online job postings websites. If you want to outsource the talent from online remote working places, you need to post the requirement as per the format of the platform. Hiring required assistance is most seamless with 3rd party service providers as you just contact them, state the requirements, and get the best assistance. 
  • Interview – Create a list of questions to ask the candidate. Try to cover both the technical and personality-related aspects. Ask for samples of the previous work done to gain deeper insights into the inherited skills. 
  • Reference – Authenticating that the mentioned or claimed expertise is a must. Ask for the reference and cross-check the details. 
  • Reviews – When hiring 3rd party service providers or freelancers, don’t forget to pay attention to the user reviews. They help you understand the real-world utility of the professional. 
  • Test or trial – Even if a professional claim to be perfect and highly skilled, each project has different requirements and it’s crucial to ask for a trial or sample. The confident and skilled 3rd party service provider won’t mind doing so. MXICoders offers risk-free 5-day trials. 
Onboarding Process

The Final Word

Blockchain development is its all-time and more and more apps are showing up. If it interests you in launching your Blockchain project, the best way to make it happen seamlessly is to hire a full-stack Blockchain developer from trusted platforms. 


By Ashok Rathod

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