How to Integrate Blockchain with WordPress (3 Methods)

Check out three different methods of how to integrate blockchain with WordPress and learn key differences of both technologies.

One of my clients has asked to share my ideas on how to integrate blockchain into their existing WordPress or WooCommerce eCommerce platform.

Here in this article, we will try to answer the following questions related to WordPress and Blockchain.

  1. What are the differences between WordPress & Blockchain Technology?
  2. How to integrate NFTs ( Non-Fungible-Tokens ) into WordPress?
  3. Should i develop a Dapp or App for my Ethereum Solidity Smart Contract (ERC-20, ERC-721 or ERC-1155)?
  4. Best Ways to integrate Blockchain with WordPress or Open-Source Technology.
  5. How to link Your WordPress website integration with OpenSea NFT platform?
  6. Why is Blockchain Developers price higher than WordPress Development cost per hour?

If you are looking for answers for any questions related to WordPr犀利士 ess with Blockchain Development then you should continue reading this article.

WordPress & Blockchain Technology: Key Differences

Wordpress and Blockchain Integration

Before understanding about integrating ERC-20 or ERC-721 (NFTs) smart contract Token with your WordPress. Keep in mind that WordPress and Blockchain are completely different technologies. Furthermore, Different Tech stacks are used in WP and BC.

  • WordPress is Web server based technology while Blockchain is an unique decentralised technology .
  • WordPress is Application which deploys on Centralised Cloud Server while Blockchain is decentralised technology.
  • WordPress (Tech Stacks: PHP + MYSQL , Bootstrap & HTML5) While Ethereum NFTs (Solidity , Web3Js , NodeJS), Solana Blockchain is developed in Rust programming language.
  • Authenticate with WP (Email + Password) and NFTs (Wallet Address + Secrete Key or Seed Phrases) 
  • WP App is accessible from one central server while NFTs or Collectibles are accessible from anywhere through blockchain nodes . Also, each Blockchain node is the mirror copy of all assets and content of particular Blockchain. If your computer crashed or server hacked then you can get all your data from another blockchain node.
  • If You are setting up your own NFTs Marketplace or CryptoCurrency exchange then it can be centralised or decentralised depending on your business idea. WordPress is Central authority.
  • Private Keys or Seed Phrases must be saved in very high security and only accessible for singing withdrawal transactions otherwise you will lose all your funds or money.
  • Digital Assets of the NFTs can be hosted on IPFS ( Blockchain File Sharing or Hosting ) Technology when WordPress assets stored in Centralised Cloud server.
  • Blockchain transactions are immutable and open for transparency while WordPress is customisable and private for the owner.

If You get a clear idea about centralised and decentralised technologies then it will be very very easy to understand further how to integrate blockchain with wordpress applications.

How to Integrate Blockchain with WordPress: 3 Methods

Here, few options to leverage the power of blockchain technology with your open-source software.

APIs required for NFTs Integration

#Method 1

Basically, RestFul APIs can help to interact with Blockchain from any third party technology or software. Hence, It is advisable for custom software development.

APIs can be used for any third party software by adding proper security and access methods.

For Example: For NFTs (ERC-721 or ERC-1155), or Smart Contract Tokens, there should be APIs end points as below –

  • Create A Wallet Address.
  • Send / Withdrawal NFTs, Tokens or ETH.
  • Receive or Request NFTs, Token or ETH.
  • Show Balance or Collectibles.
  • Yes, Private Keys or Seed Phrases can be open or private depending on your business idea.

Ask a question to yourself.

Why is Binnance not sharing Private Keys to all their users?

Why is , TrustWallet and Some other applications forced to backup your seed phrase or private key?

Blockchain backend developer can provide APIs for each and every functions required for WP developer and each API contain following arguments.

  • Input parameters.
  • Input method (POST / GET / PUT / PATCH).
  • Output with parameters and Errors msgs.

#Method 2

You can have a standalone scalable blockchain application using a centralised WordPress database. Software developers have to learn in detail about database architecture, database tables schema and application.

Hire a Skilled Software Developer to help with secured and scalable custom blockchain application development.

Benefits of the this method as below –

  • Blockchain developer does not require WordPress Developer to coordinate.
  • Blockchain Apps host on the same or different server and manage as separate applications.
  • No dependency.

Blockchain wallet address maps with user database table for identification for user’s association with a specific wallet address.

#Method 3

The third method is about decentralized blockchain application development where the application connects with the blockchain. DApp does not connect or synchronize with WordPress. If this idea fits your software then you can go with it.

Generally, Software Product owners use WordPress for landing page development for their application and host custom web applications on subdomain with SSL.

There are many great and easy WordPress extensions and plugins available for one click installation and easy to integrate Smart Contract with your application. You should ask your WordPress developer to find out a few great WordPress plugins related to blockchain. Or Wait for the next article about the list of WordPress plugins for NFTs or Tokens.

WordPress Plugins for Blockchain

You can find WordPress plugins for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Few examples below –


CryptoWoo is a WordPress plugin that makes it possible to accept cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, DOGE, LTC) as payments on your WooCommerce website or mobile app. It was created by a team of experts in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

The plugin is easy to install and use, it does not require any programming skills, and it can be used with any existing WordPress site. CryptoWoo accepts all major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, DASH.

All Currencies for WooCommerce

All Currencies for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows you to sell in multiple currencies. It supports all currencies and all countries, which makes it perfect for international stores. The plugin can be used with WordPress multilingual sites, which means that it can be configured to work with the specific language of your store’s website. It also supports 30+ cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, TRON, Tether, etc.

Smart NFT

SmartNFT is a WordPress plugin focused on creating a fully functional NFT platform. It offers an extremely user-friendly interface, with the incorporation of drag and drop features that make the process of creating unique NFT marketplace very straightforward and doesn’t require coding knowledge.

Have custom plugin requirements? Contact MXICOders to hire professional wordpress plugin developer for your custom plugin requirements.


This is all about integrating blockchain or any third party technology with your WordPress. Feel free to connect with author on Linkedin.


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