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The Blockchain Development Company You need for your business

MXI Coders are one of the best blockchain development companies that offer the best blockchain solutions for your unique business. Think out the block while forming its chain. Increase the value of your business with blockchain development. MXI Coders offers you the best blockchain developers for your digital business.

Why Choose MXI Coders for your Blockchain Development Project

Every business has different needs and a unique way to do things. Well, we at MXI Coders happen to understand just that. We develop the blockchain implementation and development project around your business that meets your needs. Also, MXI Coders stays with you at every step, from providing operational support, provenance tracking to data security and ledger sharing. Become miles ahead of your competition and give your business the required speed, flexibility, and expertise by choosing MXI Coders.

Blockchain Development Services We Specialize In

Blockchain is nothing but a specific type of database which stores information in the form of blocks. Those blocks are then connected through a network of interconnected chains, a change in one block will change the whole blockchain, making it highly secure. Blockchain brings transparency and an advanced level of security to the business. MXI Coders have a specialized team in developing the ideal blockchain for you.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Develop a cryptosystem that allows the users to buy, sell and exchange multiple cryptocurrencies through a cryptocurrency exchange. Develop this program with experts from MXI Coders.

Security Token Offering STO Development

Develop securities using blockchain technology offer them to the public with the creation of public tokens.

Initial Exchange Offering IEO development

Allow your users to invest safely in new projects. Develop IEO with MXI Coders, a new way to crypto crowdfunding.

ICO Marketing

Make your coin public and find different ways to raise money from the best coders and marketers at MXICoders.

STO Marketing

Security Token Offering is as important as an Initial Coin Offering. Market it in the finest way possible with MXI Coders

Cryptocurrency/ Coin Creation

Create your customized cryptocurrency or coin. Code every part of the coin and convert them into blocks with the best coders from MXI Coders

Cryptocurrency Wallet Development

Make your cryptocurrency more stable and allow your users to store their digital currency on their phones. Develop a safe and blockchain technology-backed wallet with MXI Coders.

Smart Contracts Development

Develop a smart contract which is a computer code that runs on the blockchain and gives value to your business. Develop the best contact for your business with MXI Coders

Security Token Exchange

MXI Coders are experts in developing a system that enables token security exchange with ease. Develop it with the best blockchain developers

Type of Blockchain Development

There are various ways in which you can develop a blockchain, but some of the methods often seem perfect. Well, we at MXICoders develop blockchain in a way that benefits your business and your user. Here are a few things that MXI Coders are specialized in developing.

 Digital identity
Digital identity

Give your users a unique identity over the internet. Make them feel unique and special with a digital identity that is customized for them

Distributed data management
Distributed data management

Allow your user on the system to use database files as a function of their operating system with the Distributed data management system. This is one of the founding steps of blockchain

Digital asset transfers & marketplaces
Digital asset transfers & marketplaces

One of the best parts about blockchain and cryptocurrency is that it allows the user to transfer the digital asset online with the virtual marketplace in real-time

Trading desks
Trading desks

Know the insights, study the charts, and make money with money with trading desks

Why Choose
‌Blockchain for your business?

Blockchain is one of those technologies where transparency is at its finest. After all, blockchain is a set of databases that records information about distributed, decentralized, public ledger, or general transactions. This is perfect for your business because it increases the security or, in this case, trust and maintains transparency in the business at the same time

Highly Creative & Motivated Teams

We Understand Business Needs

Quality & Security Adherence

Your Ideas Are Safe With Us

First Time Right Process

Innovation Is Guaranteed

Result-Driven Approach

Co-Development Teams

DevOps Enablement

In-Depth Domain Knowledge

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Integrity & Transparency

Engagement Model

Developing in a rush is no good. With MXI Coders, develop your blockchain-based business carefully with an interactive engagement model. Make sure everything is going according to your plan with the best team on board for your dream project. Here are a few engagement models for you to look upon

Full-Time permanent
Full-Time Permanent Model
  • Prefer better half for your business
  • Duration: 8Hrs/ Day, 5Days/ Week
  • Billing: Weekly /Daily/ Monthly
  • Timeline: Based on Project
Part-time on Contract or Flexible Model
Part-time on Contract or Flexible Model
  • Working on Contract basis for project
  • Duration: 8Hrs/ Day, 5Days/ Week
  • Billing: Weekly /Daily/ Monthly
  • Timeline: Based on Project
Technical Support Engineers
Technical Support Engineers
  • Working on technical support of the website
  • Duration: 8Hrs/ Day, 5Days/ Week
  • Billing: Weekly /Daily/ Monthly
  • Timeline: Based on Project

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When you work with MXICODERS you’ll have a dedicated technical project manager, full transparency into the verified work histories of your team and see the progress of your projects all in one place.

Steps to hire our Blockchain Development

It’s not hard to find Blockchain Software developers. All you need to do is to share your requirements and we will help you add a Blockchain dedicated development team in your project that work closely with you to achieve desired goals

01Get started with the project
02Select CV
03Take the interview
04Choose the engagement model
05Discuss project feasibility
06Add resource in your team accordingly

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