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The majority of the businesses operating currently on the web use 3rd party software in their official websites for making it appear more attractive and engaging. This habit allows these businesses to include extra functionalities in their sites for enjoying greater productivity.  Paypal Payment Gateway API or Application Programming Interface is the interface that software components use for communication. MXICoders has over eight years of experience of successfully designing and executing multiple APIs for different platforms.

The team of professionals representing our organization is skilled at incorporating API into both upcoming and existing websites. You can contact us for getting a range of outstanding API implementation solutions; these include interface designing, development as well as integration. Your company may belong to any industry or might be located in any corner of the globe you will find our services useful. Below we have elaborated some of the API services offered by us:

Social Networking  Paypal Payment Gateway Integration  And Api Service

The social network API developed by us unified more than 25 social networks; the API consolidates all the useful features one can look for to form a single solution. It is extremely difficult to maintain every social network’s API separately; this is primarily because to do the job this way one needs to invest a lot of time. So, if you want to save time having a single API for all social networks is a good idea. However, MXICoders will be able to help you even if you want to have separate APIs. 

Our experts will also after the API’s technical backend. Whenever a new social media website is launched, we will do the needful to integrate it in the unified API. For those who are in fond of the separate structure, we will create an API individually for any new social network upon request. 

 Paypal Payment Gateway Integration And Api Service 

Our payment gateway APIs will allow you to integrate components like credit card processing to your website. We develop useful applications for running payment and refunding transactions via payment gateway.

MAP API Integration Service Provider

We do the following both for Bing Map and Google Map:
  • Embed maps image in your webpage 
  • Allow you to use HTTPS requests for accessing directions, geo-coding, time zone, place and elevation information
  • Create applications to allow visitors to your website access information about different geographic locations ad establishments 
  • Offer enterprise-ready apps support for your company’s mapping needs 
Cryptocurrency API Integration Service Provider
We can develop  Blockchain Smart Contract Integration And cryptocurrency (for instance bitcoin) API for your site to allow people visiting the site stay up-to-date with information like cryptocurrency exchange rate. 
Other than the above mentioned API types, we can also integrate service trade API, API and many more to your website.


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