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Custom Software Development Methodology

Since the day of our inception, we have operated as experts when it comes to envisaging, planning, designing and delivering new software products. The two main features that mark the software development services offered by MXICoders include: our global delivery model and domain expertise. These two qualities has allowed us to come up with innovative and critical software solutions for businesses belonging to different domains; accounting, media, healthcare, manufacturing, publishing are only a few examples of the domains we have worked in.

 Mxicoders help companies to automate business operations and for that we develop a range of software products for them; all software products we offer are custom-built to meet the needs of our clients. Read on to know about the different kinds of custom software development services MXICoders offers.

RFID Software Development LifeCycle

RFID or radio frequency identification help businesses in tracking assets and goods around the globe. RFID is a system that needs support from high quality software architecture for carrying out real-time data processing; we help companies by ensuring they have the perfect software architecture ready for making the most of RFID technology. Today RFID has numerous applications in the business world; we develop software for supporting all those applications; examples include: product authentication, asset management, inventory management and so on.

Healthcare Software Development Company

Automation is extremely important even for the healthcare industry. We offer software solutions that help people associated with the healthcare industry to complete a number of jobs promptly and perfectly. Below we have listed some of the purposes for which we offer software solutions.

  • Testing and clinical system development
  • Medical imaging
  • Physician or patient portals
  • Disease management
  • Hospital information and clinical knowledge management
  • Claims administration
  • Legacy modernisation, home healthcare
  • Pharmacy automation
  • Gene expressions analysis and genotyping  

Software Development  Process For The Education Industry

We also develop software for education institutes to help them manage students better. Below are some of the software solutions we offer for automating educational institutes.

  • Integrated platforms to make classroom operations better
  • Student relationship management and higher education payment solutions
  • VLE or virtual learning environment for collaboration and content delivery
  • Collaboration and content solutions, which include online portals
  • Audio/video/whiteboard/chat based collaboration to make classroom environment synchronous
  • Software solutions for analysing students’ performance

ERP Software Development Process

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. An ERP system can be defined as a software system used for administration, optimisation of internal business processes and operations planning. We develop ERP systems for all these purposes including business processes such as customer relationship management, supply chain, manufacturing, financials, warehouse management and human resources. Some of the qualities of our ERPs are: 

  • Powerful: Capable of integrating all business processes and data into a single unified system
  • Customised: Solutions that will meet your business’s needs perfectly
  • Secure: Include robust protection mechanism for preventing both outside and inside theft, for instance, abuse, sabotage or espionage of information
  • User-friendly: Intuitive, simple interface that will never distract you and make it hard for you to focus on your work; adaptation costs are also reduced significantly due to use of such interface
  • Reliable: Solutions that allow reliable data backup mechanism, processing and storage, which ensures that hardware failures will not make you face situations like data loss 

CRM Software Development Methodology

CRM stands for customer relationship management. Our custom-built CRM software solutions can be used for the following purposes:

  • For tracking customers’ buying habits, requirements and interests
  • For tracking customers’ product (or service) using habits 

MXICoders offers CRM software solutions boasting the following qualities: 

  • Scalability: Can be used in large scale, and can be expanded reliably to any scale when necessary
  • Security: Enables data encryption for ensuring customer privacy through protection of personal information
  • Functionality: Our software solutions automate the majority of the support, sales and marketing jobs
  • Usability: They carry highly user-friendly interface 

POS Software Development Company

MXICoders over the years has developed POS or Point of Sale Software Solutions for a number of businesses. We have the perfect team of developers for streamlining design, development and structure of the POS Software Development Lifecycle. IT engineers representing our company have years of experience in creating POS terminals for ecommerce businesses, restaurants, retail stores and so on. These professionals develop solutions to meet specific needs of our customers; as a result, they always develop POS software from scratch.

Technologies: HTML5, Css, Javascript, php

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