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Online Doctor And Patient Appointment Booking Scheduling Software

With the need for medical attention increasing day by day, it becomes imperative to understand the need for immediate medical care and registered appointments that allow the patients to schedule their appointments according to their convenience and availability. Alternatively, such a platform also allows the patient to choose from the various medical experts who are available depending upon the specific needs of the patients keeping in consideration the qualifications and expertise of the doctors. A project entailing the same requirements is the KlinicDoc project that satisfies the quest of the patients for all their needs. Apart from bringing to the service the reputed services of various doctors and specialists, it also brings a robust system of appointments and consultations for the patients online.

With prime focus on Health Care and medical Industries, this platform allows the patients to seek appointments and manage the hospital visits. A detailed section on OCR scanning also lets the patients buy the medicines and seek information related to them. Care has been taken to avoid referencing or biasing of a particular company or a manufacturer.

Advantages of the Online Doctors Online Appointment Scheduling Software:

  • After requesting for the patients details, three types of services of a consultation on call, over a video and in the home can be requested. So once an appointment has been booked, the patients are intimated about the confirmation for the date that has been requested. And a doctor is available in the chosen mode of consultation. A phone call can be made to connect with the practitioner or the mode may be chosen as a video call where in the doctor and patient can see each other. Alternatively, the doctor can be requested to make a home visit if the patient is too unwell.
  • Transparency of the mode of payment and the total amount is also clearly stated giving the patient a clear idea about the cost to be incurred while requesting an appointment
  • The biggest benefit however would be the online availability of the doctors who can consult and prescribe medication via video chats without making the patient bear the pain of reaching a locating a doctor when the illness is serious.
  • The availability of many doctors on the panel also lets the patient choose from a variety of specializations and schedule according to his personal convenience as against the conventional method of meeting the doctor within his preferred time.

Alternatively, the medical insurances and medi-claims are fully supported on the platform making it easier for the patients to bear the expenses for prolonged treatments.

Paying the bills online

Apart from the medi-claims and medical insurances that can be claimed on this online website, the bills can be paid using an effective, quick and secured online mode of payment using a credit or a debit card. This allows the patient the ease of paying after all the charges have been disclosed in the beginning itself. It leaves no scope for any hidden charges and hidden payments.

KlinicDoc is an initiative to increase the connectivity between the patients and the doctors bridging the gaps between the medial procedures and the affordability of the same on an easy and convenient online platform.

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