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MXI Coders helps your business migrate to the next level with a team of exclusively successful developers in inventive new product development, cloud initiative, deep data analytics, and edge computing for global companies. We are highly committed to the invention of the digital initiative so that you can build your future.

We Provide Reliable and Custom Technology
Development Services

We are your one-stop solution for breakthrough technology solutions, an established partner with a deep passion for customer satisfaction. We combine pioneering technologies with innovations.

APIs Integration & Development


With several years of experience building successful APIs for various companies, we increase your current solutions or execute novel projects. We have developed bespoken ticketing systems and web apps with built–in APIs and added many new functionalities to current platforms and websites by integrating various third-party APIs.

Enterprise Mobility & ERP Solutions


We help you empower your businesses with the best enterprise mobility and ERP solutions. Augment your operational effectiveness with our enterprise mobility solution. With a customized enterprise mobility solution, it’s easy to move your business to a top position in a marketplace.

AR and VR Mobile Development


MXI Coders build AR/VR apps that offer incredible twists to everyday processes to deliver the best consumer experience and satisfy the upcoming generation. We are one of the leading AR/VR development companies that assist startups and other establishments in employing augmented and virtual reality’s power to enthral users and multiply ROI.

AI and ML Development

machine learning development

Automate and enhance your business with innovative AI and ML development. Our team of developers make solutions that will assist your business in solving issues, automate various tasks and serve consumers better. With high expertise, we build solutions that will make your business work smarter.

BI and Data Science Analytics


MXI Coders generate deep insights for business growth and measurability. Getting the greatest value from information is important for success, and this is what we deliver through a rich pool of services.

Product Research and Development


It is important for companies to remain relevant and for that, it is important to pursue innovation. This is where product research and development become important. Our product research and development services assist businesses in becoming trailblazers in their field by exploration of rising technological trends and developing cutting-edge software that boosts performances.

Different Types of Technology

There are several ways in which you can build Blockchain applications or software, but some methods among them are just perfect. MXICoders develop Blockchain apps in ways that will bring business benefits. Have a look at things that we have the expertise in developing:

Digital Identity

By using the power of Blockchain, we help establish, track, and maintain digital identities that are more effective and user-friendly.

Distributed Data Management

A Blockchain keeps information in unvarying-sized blocks. Each block has minced data from the last block to offer cryptographic safety.

Digital Asset Transfer & Marketplaces

We assist in maintaining the records of digital assets ownership on a kind of decentralized database known as Blockchain, which is distributed among the users.

Trading Desks

Blockchain is a distributed record technology that makes all trading commodities simple, transparent, and cheap. It is widely known because of its association with cryptocurrency, but it can be used in any process involving data exchange and transactions.

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We have wide technology experience and unchallenged skills for tackling maximum pressing business tasks.

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Best-in-class Infrastructure
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There are many services available under data analytics services, and each has its perk. The cost associated with it relies on the extent to which they are used; thus, the cost varies from organization to organization.
It depends on various factors, and usually, we follow the idea of evolutionary architectures. We think of your project as a set of various modules, and each of these modules varies in needs and complexities.

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