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PHP is the most popular language in today’s IT environment. Almost 80% of the website available on Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo uses PHP and WordPress.

What is PHP?

PHP is basically an open-source server-side scripting language that is used for writing web pages and paired with MySQL Database which collects the information and helps the PHP scripts to run the webpage properly. The reason behind the popularity of PHP compared to other languages is it is very simple and easy to learn for the beginners as well as facilitates the expert professionals to experiment with the advanced features. PHP is used mostly on Linux/Unix servers. It is fast, flexible and ideal for web development.

PHP Syntax

<? php

echo ‘How are you’;


What is MySQL

MySQL is a SQL based open relational database system that can be run flexibly in different platforms like Linux, UNIX, and Windows. MySQL is mostly used for Web Applications and Online Publishing. It is a component of the LAMP which is an open source stock enterprise whose operating system is LINUX, web server is Apache, the relational database system is MySQL, and the scripting language is PHP, Pearl or Python. The main component of MySQL is MySQL server which is associated with many utility programs supporting MySQL database. In spite of installing it in one single machine other users are also able to access its database through the various MySQL client interface. These interfaces further process the SQL statements into the server and finally, the server gives the results.

Php MySQL Development
Php MySQL Development

PHP MySQL Development Services

PHP can be run with different database software like Oracle, Sybase but MySQL is convenient as it is available freely and makes an excellent pairing with PHP. PHP MySQL Development service combines the talented PHP Developers with MySQL experts and their combined creativity with vast technical knowledge helps in delivering the promising results. PHP MySQL Development services are used for the following purpose:-

  1. Website Design
  2. Content Management system
  3. Open Source customization
  4. Custom PHP Development
  5. PHP website development
  6. PHP dynamic web application
  7. Enterprise application development
  8. Porting and Migration

How to Connect PHP with MySQL

It is important to establish a database connection first before storing and accessing the data inside the MySQL database. The following syntax defines how we can establish the MySQL connection with PHP through procedural and object-oriented approach.

By MSQLi Syntax

The syntax to connect PHP with MYSQL following a procedural approach is:-

$link = mysqli_connect (“hostname”, “username”, “password”, “database”);

Another syntax to connect PHP with MySQLi following an Object Oriented approach is:-

$mysqli = new mysqli (“hostname”, “username”, “password”, “database”);

In the above-mentioned syntaxes, the hostname refers to the IP address of MySQL server or the localhost with the username and password are the credentials for MySQL server.

Syntax to run MySQL server with default setting having no username and password:-

<? php

$link = mysqli_connect (“localhost”, “root”, “”);

If (link == false) {

die (“ERROR: Could not connect. “. mysqli_connect_error());


echo “Connect Successfully . Host info: “. mysqli_get_host_info ($link);


Syntax to Close the MySQL server connection:-

<? php

$link = mysqli_connect (“localhost”, “root”, “”);

If (link == false) {

die (“ERROR: Could not connect. “. mysqli_connect_error());


echo “Connect Successfully. Host info: “. mysqli_get_host_info ($link);

mysqli_close ($link);



How to create MySQL Database by PHP

After you have connected the MySQL server successfully, the next step is to create the database. The syntax to create the database using MySQL is:-

<? PHP

$link = mysqli_connect (“localhost”, “root”, “”);

if ($link == false) {

die (“ERROR: Could not connect. “ . mysqli_connect_error());


$sql = “CREATE DATABASE demo”;

If (mysqli_query ($link, $sql)){

echo “Database created successfully”;

} else {

echo “ERROR: Could not able to execute $sql.“. mysqli_error ($link);


mysqli_close ($link)


After connecting the database with MySQL and creating a database there are numerous operations to be followed like Creating table, insert data in the table, select data from a table, update, delete, arrange the data in ascending and descending order, crud operations, ajax search and many others all performed by writing syntaxes dedicated for each.

PHP web application Frameworks

PHP web application frameworks are the platform that helps in giving the PHP codes a structure and encourages the developers to build web applications in a complex, secure and faster method. The Frameworks are available in different shapes and sizes catering to the experience level of the professionals, required needs of the application, and hosting capabilities. The best PHP frameworks of 2018 that are widely used for the project purpose are:-

  1. a) Laravel – Php version 5.5.9
  2. b) Phalcon- Php version 5.3
  3. c) Symphony- Php version 5.5.9
  4. d) Codeigniter- Php version 5.4
  5. e) CakePHP- Php version 5.5.9
  6. f) Zend- Php version 5.3
  7. g) Fuel PHP- Php version 5.3.3
  8. h) Slim- Php version 5.5
  9. i) Phpixie- Php version 5.3
  10. j) Fat-Free- Php version 5.5
  11. k) Aura- Php version 5.4
  12. l) Yii 2- Php version 5.1

The reason behind the popularity of these frameworks is it helps the developer to write codes faster for common functionalities like database handling, security and authentication, URL-handling and many other requirements single time eliminating the effort to write it multiple times. The frameworks facilitate an efficient approach towards the development of APIs and web applications. Laravel is the most searched framework for PHP development packed in with numerous features like an Efficient organization of files and codes, fast application development, MVC and PHP7 supported architecture, best documentation, and unit testing feature, high-quality abstraction, advanced functionalities, payment integration feature, and strong encryption packages. However, it has few drawbacks like it does not support shared hosting and comes with a bunch of queries for the database. It is important to understand the drawbacks and benefits of the frameworks effectively before using it in the project.

Conclusion- Mxicoders provides the above-mentioned details supported by the syntaxes clearly explains the need and requirement of PHP MySQL Development services and also gives brief details of the advanced PHP frameworks highly recommendable for web development.


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